CCNA(640-802) Hotspot: Topology Based Questions(2)


Question 1:
Note: host is wrongly given in Question the correct host must be

Answers: 702
The destination layer 2 address is a DLCI for frame-relay network. The destination host packet address is corresponding DLCI is 702.
This can be confirmed by looking at the show frame-relay map output which shows the frame-relay map statements for layer 3 address to its corresponding layer 2 address IP is mapped to DLCI 702 .
Question 2:

Answers: frame-relay map ip 196 broadcast


The show frame-relay map command above output provides the dynamic mapping for S-AMER (.3 as per topology the complete address is to DLCI 196.

To create a static frame-relay map on dubai router to S-AMER we use the following command

Syntax: frame-relay map protocol protocol-address dlci [broadcast]

frame-relay map ip 196 broadcast

Question 3:

Answers: The serial connection to the MidEast branch office


By seeing the partial running config provided for Dubai router … We can identify what encapuslation type is configured on each interface

Interface serial 1/0 : encapsulation frame-relay

Interface serial 1/2 and serial 1/3 : Both have encapsulation ppp

Interaface serial 1/1: Has no config info on encapsulation type this determines the default encapsulation (HDLC) is not changed on this interface.

Serial 1/1 is connection to MidEast branch office from Dubai router which has the default encapsulation.

Question 4:

Answers: T1net

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