TSHOOT (642-832) Practical Exam Demo & Tutorial


The following is a demonstration of the Exam. This demonstration was built with the same tools used to create the actual Exam.  Its purpose is to provide hands on experience and familiarize you with the presentation and types of questions that you will find on the actual exam. It is NOT meant to be representative of the full domain of content covered by the actual exam.   The demonstration is much shorter than the Exam. It has just enough questions to illustrate the environment and tools available to the candidate.  It is strongly recommended that you review this demonstration and tutorial prior to sitting for the exam.

Click on the following link to vew the TSHOOT exam demo.

TSHOOT Exam Demo

Click on the following link to view the TSHOOT exam tutorial.  This tutorial will show you how to navigate through this item type and complete all questions.

TSHOOT Exam Tutorial

Before attempting the TSHOOT exam, please familiarize yourself with the TSHOOT network topologies and exam instructions.  These are the network topologies that you will be tested on.

TSHOOT Exam Instructions

TSHOOT Exam Topology

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