Train Signal – Cisco CCNP 642-845 ONT (Optimizing Converged Cisco Networks)


Learn How To Set Up a Cisco Network Step-by-Step and Implement VoIP, QoS, and Wireless in No Time!

VOIP networks, QoS, wireless security and basic wireless management are just the start of what is covered in this Cisco training course. You will gain the knowledge and skills needed for professional networking, as well as for passing the exam!

The 642-845 ONT tests knowledge and skills in optimizing and providing effective Quality of Servive (QoS) techniques for converged networks.ONT is one leg in the series of Cisco courses. The knowledge in this course can be used toward any one of 3 certifications: , CCIP, and the CCDP.

Currently, offers training for the full CCNP series.

Here Are Just Some of the Topics We Cover in Our Cisco ONT Training Videos:

* Find out what QoS is, understand QoS Policy & Models, why QoS is important and why we use it
* Discover the key differences between Best-effort, DiffServ and IntServ
* Go way beyond a basic understanding of queueing methods such as FIFO, PQ, WFQ, CBWFQ, WRR, and many more … get to know them inside and out!
* Find out what Marking Traffic really means including why and where to mark traffic and how to define trust boundaries
* Understand the differences between traffic policing and traffic shaping and how to use them
* Know the limitations of Tail Drop and recognize differences between RED and WRED
* Dig beneath the surface of end-to-end QoS and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
* Find out how to configure and verify AutoQoS manually as well as using AutoQoS Wizard
* Master All details of Wireless LANs and QoS on WLANs
* Fully grasp WLAN security issues and how to minimize the security threat and risks
* Get comfortable with WLAN Management Techniques, Cisco Wireless Control System and Wireless LAN Solution Engine
* Master Voice over IP (VoIP) and understand differences between Analog and Digital Interfaces
* Easily detect and overcome overhead and compression issues in VoIP, bandwidth considerations, and much more… scroll below to see our full course outline…


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