Tool – Cisco Network Assistant(CNA) Version 5.2


With Network Assistant 5.0 and later, you can

  • Manage a community of up to 40 devices.
  • Discover devices to use in a community by specifying a range of IP addresses or a subnet.
  • Manage Catalyst 3750-E and Catalyst 3560-E switches in your network.
  • View Cisco IOS software license information for Catalyst 3750-E and Catalyst 3560-E switches in the Inventory Reports window.
  • Configure advanced PoE features on Catalyst 3750-E and Catalyst 3560-E switches.
  • Perform diagnostic hardware tests to verify the functionality of a device while it is connected to a live network. (Available on Catalyst 4500, Catalyst 3750, and Catalyst 3560 switches.)

  • Enable an RPS 2300 to provide backup power to connected devices and specify priorities for providing power if devices fail simultaneously. The RPS 2300 can be managed through Network Assistant only if it is connected to a Catalyst 3750-E or a Catalyst 3560-E switch.
  • View power usage information and adjust power settings for Catalyst 4500 and 4900 switches.
  • Include these PIX Firewalls in your community: PIX-501, PIX-506, PIX-506E, PIX-525, PIX-535.
  • Include these Adaptive Security Appliances (ASAs) in your community: ASA5505, ASA5510, ASA5520, ASA5540.

  • Manage these blade switches:
    Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3020 for Hewlett-Packard
    Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3030 for Dell
    Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3040 for Fujitsu Siemens Computers
    Cisco Systems Intelligent Gigabit Ethernet Switch Modules for the IBM BladeCenter

  • Monitor a number of device-health measurements to avoid downtime and to ensure that your network is running efficiently.
  • See the devices in your network in a tree structure when you display the Topology View. This representation is in addition to the topology map that the view presents.
  • Preview the commands that will run when you modify port settings, apply Smartports roles, perform diagnostic hardware tests, or manage file systems.
  • View details about file systems, the use of space on your devices, and delete files or directories to create space as needed.
  • See a graphical representation of all the connected ports to which a Smartports role should be applied and a window in which to perform this task. (These enhancements replace the Smartports Advisor. They appear when you click Suggest in the Smartports window.)
  • Synchronize the time on your network devices to the PC time or to the time on a particular device.
  • Manage MAC addresses on Catalyst Express 500 switches.
  • Specify a path for Network Assistant to use when it archives a configuration.
  • Search the online help system for a subject by entering a search term or phrase.

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