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Cisco Voice over IP (CVOICE) introduces the components that make up a VoIP network, and then provides multiple examples of how to configure these VoIP components and associated protocols, while providing the high quality that voice users were accustomed to with their legacy telephony system. The main goal of our expert-led CVOICE course is to introduce learners to the function and configuration of Voice over IP (VoIP) technologies, and provide design guidance for selecting VoIP protocols. Since no two networks are alike, our practical and effective approach enables a student to apply the knowledge gained in this course to their specific needs.

Target Audience
This course is recommended for any student interested in mastering Voice over IP technology. It is also perfect for students interested in pursuing any of Cisco’s many IP telephony specializations or the Cisco Certified Voice Professional (CCVP) certification.

To benefit fully from this course, students should have the following prerequisite skills and knowledge:
* A working knowledge of LANs, WANs, and IP switching and routing
* Basic internetworking skills taught in the Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices (ICND) course, or its equivalent
* Knowledge of traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) operations and voice fundamentals

Certification CCVP Exams 642-436 CVOICE

Included Labs
* Configuring Analog Voice Interfaces
* Configuring and Verifying Digital Voice Ports
* Implement H.323 Gateways
* Implement SIP Gateways
* Implementing PSTN Dial Plans on Cisco IOS Gateways
* Configuring Path Selection
* Implementing Calling Privileges on Cisco IOS Gateways
* Implement Basic Gatekeeper Functionality
* Configuring a Cisco UBE to connect to an ITSP

This course provides instruction in the use of the following hardware/operating system technologies:
* 7X00 Series Routers
* 3800 Series Routers
* 2800 Series Routers
* 1800 Series Routers
* 3700 Series Multiservice Access Routers
* 3600 Series Multiservice Platforms
* 2600 Series Multiservice Platforms
* 1700 Series Modular Access Routers
* 800 Series Routers
* AS5X00 Series Universal Gateways
* All Cisco IOS releases

* Module 1: Introduction to VoIP
o Lesson 1: Introducing VoIP
o Lesson 2: Introducing VoIP Gateways
o Lesson 3: Specifying Requirements for VoIP Calls
o Lesson 4: Understanding Codecs, Codec Complexity, and DSP Functionality
* Module 2: Voice Port Configuration
o Lesson 1: Understanding Call Types
o Lesson 2: Configuring Analog Voice Ports
o Lesson 3: Understanding Dial Peers
o Lesson 4: Configuring Digital Voice Ports
o Lesson 5: Understanding QSIG
* Module 3: VoIP Gateway Implementation
o Lesson 1: Implementing H.323 Gateways
o Lesson 2: Implementing MGCP Gateways
o Lesson 3: Implementing SIP Gateways
* Module 4: Dial Plan Implementation on Voice Gateways
o Lesson 1: Understanding Dial Plans
o Lesson 2: Implementing Numbering Plans
o Lesson 3: Configuring Digit Manipulation
o Lesson 4: Configuring Path Selection
o Lesson 5: Implementing Calling Privileges
* Module 5: H.323 Gatekeepers
o Lesson 1: Introducing Gatekeepers
o Lesson 2: Configuring Basic Gatekeeper Functionality
o Lesson 3: Implementing Gatekeeper-Based CAC
* Module 6: ITSP Connectivity
o Lesson 1: Understanding Special Requirements for External VoIP Connections
o Lesson 2: Implementing a Cisco UBE
Expected Duration (hours) 30.0

Lesson Objectives
Cisco Voice over IP (CVOICE)Expert Live with Encore
# Describe VoIP, voice gateways, special requirements for VoIP calls, codecs and codec complexity, and how DSPs are used as media resources on a voice gateway
# Configure gateway interconnections to support VoIP and PSTN calls and to integrate with a PSTN and PBX
# Describe the basic signaling protocols that are used on voice gateways and configure a gateway to support calls using the various signaling protocols
# Define a dial plan, describe the purpose of each dial plan component, and implement a dial plan on a voice gateway
# Implement gatekeepers and directory gatekeepers, and identify redundancy options for gatekeepers
# Implement a Cisco UBE gateway to connect to an Internet telephony service provider

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