R&S Quick Notes – Frame-Relay/PPP


  • DHCP on a frame interface : “frame-relay interface-dlci 555 protocol ip″
  • When asked to disable INARP, be sure to do so on physical interfaces any multipoint sub-interfaces.
  • If you see frame mappings, save your config and reload.
  • The backup command can NOT be used on FR physical interfaces. (no way to detect when back up)
  • Back-to-Back frame connections, disable keepalives with “no keep”
  • keepalives sent every 10 seconds. This interval can NOT be changed.
  • LMI Full Status Updates are requested every 60 seconds. CAN be changed with “frame lmi-n391dte”.
  • To ping local interface IP, add a mapping for local IP with any valid DLCI.


  • To do “?” in authentication password, use either ESC-Q or CRTL-V.
  • If two routers both using CHAP has the same hostname “no ppp chap ignoreus” is required.
  • “ppp authentication eap” can be used as alternative to chap when md5 needed.
  • “ppp link minimum” – amount of links required for a MLP bundle to up.
  • With CHAP and PAP, know which side is the client and who is authenticating who!
  • Know PPPoFR, MLP, and the mix combination formats


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