Practice Real CCNA Voice CME Labs with GNS3 and Softphones


In Order to test the CME setup, here is a small lab that i did. Since I don’t have a voice router yet i had to the whole lab in .
Here is what i used:

(1) Cisco 3750 router with 128D/16F
(2) Ipblue (to emulate a 7940 phone)
(3) CIPC (to emulate a 7970 phone)
(4) SolarWinds TFTP

I ran this lab in a Windows XO Virtual Machine with 3gb Ram and a dual-core AMD proc. the steps were very easy and i followed what we discussed in the the study notes.


(1) Configured the FE interface with
(2) Copied the phone configuration files from the tftp server (at using the command:
arc tar /xtract tftp:// flash:

* Note: You can download the whole CME package. I had to do this for just this lab.
(3) Make the downloaded files available using the tftp-server flash:filename
(4) Enable the dhcp server settings, with the Option 150 command.
(5) Specify the Dn’s and the Ephone’s under the telephony-service options.
(6) Load the specific phone loads using the load command
(7) Don’t forget to do the "create cnf-file" command.
(At this point your connected phones should be able to get an ip, download all the necessary files and register with the cme router)
(8) Next configure some Dn’s, with phone numbers.
(9) Bind the phones with the dn’s and assign them with the "button" command.
(10) Restart either by issuing the restart command under the ephones or under the telephony-service.

And that should do it, your phones at this point will be able to call each other.

Here is the download link:
SD (edited) Flash/Mp4 File ~ 25mb   Click Me

Remember this is just to see how the whole system works, their are a zillion different options that you can configure.
We will and i promise you, will discusses and try to implement as much as we can.

I hope this lab was informative , and stay tuned for more.

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