Pass CCIE Security Written Experience

Denyip have passed the CCIE security Written exam, and these are some study experience.

My approach is theory – lab – theory at this stage.. For example when did study for  TACACS+… First I went through RFC, security books chapters than did simple labs with debugs etc.. than I reviewed theory again.

My MAIN  resources for theory part are:

1) RFC

You can use this search engine a find proper RFC for Radius, Ldap, IPsec… There is lot of valuable  informations

2)CCBOOTCAMP’s 2008 Cisco CCIE Security Written Study Guide

For my studies I bought its with  Quick reference sheet only one CCIE written book on the market. I bought ebook with 24 Hour Print Option – I printed all pages immediately after downloading

Authors of that book are Colby LeMair (CCIE 12968 from Cisco), Farrukh Haroon (network engineer from middle east – CCSP studying for CCIE – little bit strange for me but why not) and Brad Elis (CCIE 5796 CEO of Network learning)
I think book is very good written  – all topics from the written blue print are covered pretty well. It has 565 pages. The book table of contents is similar as blueprint for written . In the end of every chapter is set of tough questions…

3) Network Security Principles and Practices (CCIE Professional Development) (CCIE Professional Development)

Its quite old book but really well written and there are few great section (like AAA, IPSEC, GRE, IOS firewall)

4) Cisco website

If I need some configuration examples or some guide I search Cisco web … It doesnt apply for all topics but there is few really good documents for written exam

5) CCIE Security Exam Quick Reference Sheets

Its really quick reference , but I plan use it in final stage when you need quick review of all topics.

Yeah, if you are learning the ccie security, maybe you can get something.

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