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Which feature of Cisco Prime NAM for Cisco Nexus 1010 Virtual Services Appliance provides multifaceted insight into network behavior?


A.      packet debug

B.      troubleshoot performance

C.      traffic analysis

D.      API management


Correct Answer: C




Which two benefits does Cisco VNMC provide? (Choose two.)


A.      transparent operation management through an XML API

B.      Cisco Nexus 7000 integration

C.      template-based policy management

D.      Cisco Nexus 5000 integration

E.       disruptive administration model


Correct Answer: AC




A flow exporter contains network layer and transport layer details for the NetFlow export packet. Which three options must be configured in a flow exporter? (Choose three.)


A.      export destination IP address

B.      source interface

C.      UDP port number

D.      TCP port number

E.       NAT port number


Correct Answer: ABC




What represents the number of bits in an IPv6 address?


A.      32-bit dotted hex

B.      48-bit dotted hex

C.      64-bit dotted hex

D.      128-bit dotted hex

E.       160-bit dotted hex


Correct Answer: D




Which technology has the benefit of significant reduction in cabling at the access layer?


A.      FCoE

B.      DCBX

C.      FIP

D.      distributed FCF

E.       802.1Qbb


Correct Answer: A




Which NHRP features active and standby virtual gateways?


A.      GLBP

B.      VRRP

C.      HSRP

D.      SSO

E.       NSF


Correct Answer: A




Which access-layer device is capable of low-latency 40 Gb Ethernet switching?


A.      Cisco Nexus 5596UP

B.      Cisco Nexus 4000

C.      Cisco Nexus 3016

D.      Cisco Nexus 2232

E.       Cisco Nexus 2248


Correct Answer: C




Which option can be used to provide a nonproprietary method of load balancing and redundancy between the access and aggregation layers in the data center?


A.      PAgP port channel

B.      LACP

C.      vPC

D.      vPC+

E.       host vPC


Correct Answer: B




Your customer has a requirement to load balance traffic to rich media servers connected to the data center access layer. Which Cisco ACE Service Module deployment topology will yield the highest potential bandwidth to subscribers?


A.      Transparent

B.      One-Arm

C.      Routed

D.      Inline

E.       Asymmetric Server Normalization


Correct Answer: E




What represents a feature to secure OSPF routing exchanges?


A.      OSPF peer authentication

B.      OSPF route authentication

C.      OSPF process authentication

D.      OSPF database exchange authentication


Correct Answer: A


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