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Which Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Control Unit Layout view mode gives prominence to one conference participant over the other conference participants while still allowing conference participants to view multiple participants at the same time?


A.      enhanced continuous presence

B.      active speaker

C.      continuous presence

D.      room switching

E.       speaker switching

Correct Answer: A


Which two systems would be an appropriate solution for a traveling employee? (Choose two.)


A.      Cisco Jabber

B.      Cisco C-Series codec

C.      Cisco TelePresence EX Series

D.      Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence

E.       Cisco TelePresence System 500

F.       Cisco IP Video Phone E20

Correct Answer: AD


What are the best practices for maintaining a high-quality video call regarding latency, jitter, and packet loss?


A.      20-ms one-way delay, no jitter, no packet loss

B.      less than 150-ms one-way delay, 30-ms jitter, less than 3 percent packet loss

C.      150- to 400-ms one-way delay, 50-ms jitter, 5 percent packet loss

D.      500-ms one-way delay, 50-ms jitter, 5 percent packet loss

Correct Answer: B



Refer to the exhibit. Which configuration element can be used to specify the Multiway address that can be used by the endpoint to initiate Multiway calls?




A.      Conference 1

B.      NetworkServices

C.      Provisioning

D.      SIP Profile 1

E.       Video

Correct Answer: B




An important Cisco TelePresence video multipoint call is in progress and you are getting complaints of pixilation of the video and poor audio quality on one of the involved systems. Which page would be a good place to start for troubleshooting the issue on the affected endpoint?











A.      Option A

B.      Option B

C.      Option C

D.      Option D

Correct Answer: A


Which two of these support an ad-hoc conference call? (Choose two.)


A.        Cisco TelePresence Multiway with Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Control Unit and Cisco TelePresence Video Communications Server

B.        using the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Scheduler to schedule a conference call to start in 5 minutes

C.        using the Booking tab in the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite to configure a new conference

D.        using the tab Administrative Tools > Configuration > Conference Settings in the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite

E.         pressing the conference button on a Cisco Unified IP Phone 8941 to conference in a third call

Correct Answer:




You have been informed from the field that a new Cisco TelePresence video endpoint has been deployed with an IPv4 address of Which three devices could you use to see if the endpoint is registered and available for a call? (Choose three.)


A.      Cisco Unified Communications Manager server

B.      Cisco Gigaswitch Router

C.      Cisco TelePresence Manager Suite server

D.      Active Directory server

E.       Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server

F.       Cisco 3250 Layer 2/3 Switch

Correct Answer: ACE




Refer to the exhibit. Which tab can be used in order to check the call statistics for the Cisco TelePresence Codec C60?




A.      Diagnostics

B.      Configuration

C.      Call Control

D.      Maintenance

E.       The GUI cannot be used to view call statistics.

Correct Answer: C


Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Servers can be clustered to provide resiliency in the enterprise. What is the maximum number of cluster members?


A.      2

B.      3

C.      6

D.      7

E.       15

Correct Answer: C


Which component of the Cisco TelePresence multipoint media infrastructure is intended for use only with non-immersive endpoints?


A.      Cisco TelePresence Server

B.      Cisco TelePresence System 500-32

C.      Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch

D.      Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Control Unit

Correct Answer: D

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