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The network administrator is asked to configure 113 point-to-point links. Which IP addressing scheme defines the address range and subnet mask that meet the requirement and waste the fewest subnet and host addresses?


A. subnetted with mask

B. subnetted with mask

C. subnetted with mask

D. subnetted with mask

E. subnetted with mask


Correct Answer: D




Drag and drop.


Correct Answer:




Drag and drop.


Correct Answer:




Drag and drop.


Correct Answer:




Which parameter or parameters are used to calculate OSPF cost in Cisco routers?


A.      Bandwidth

B.      Bandwidth and Delay

C.      Bandwidth, Delay, and MTU

D.      Bandwidth, MTU, Reliability, Delay, and Load


Correct Answer: A




Why do large OSPF networks use a hierarchical design? (Choose three.)


A.      to decrease latency by increasing bandwidth

B.      to reduce routing overhead

C.      to speed up convergence

D.      to confine network instability to single areas of the network

E.       to reduce the complexity of router configuration

F.       to lower costs by replacing routers with distribution layer switches


Correct Answer: BCD




Which command encrypts all plaintext passwords?


A.      Router# service password-encryption

B.      Router(config)# password-encryption

C.      Router(config)# service password-encryption

D.      Router# password-encryption


Correct Answer: C




Which two are advantages of static routing when compared to dynamic routing? (Choose two.)


A.      Configuration complexity decreases as network size increases.

B.      Security increases because only the network administrator may change the routing table.

C.      Route summarization is computed automatically by the router.

D.      Routing tables adapt automatically to topology changes.

E.       An efficient algorithm is used to build routing tables, using automatic updates.

F.       Routing updates are automatically sent to neighbors.

G.      Routing traffic load is reduced when used in stub network links.


Correct Answer: BG




A network administrator needs to allow only one Telnet connection to a router. For anyone viewing the configuration and issuing the show run command, the password for Telnet access should be encrypted. Which set of commands will accomplish this task?


A.      service password-encryption

access-list 1 permit

line vty 0 4


password cisco access-class 1


B.      enable password secret

line vty 0


password cisco


C.      service password-encryption

line vty 1


password cisco


D.      service password-encryption

line vty 0 4


password cisco


Correct Answer: C




What is the effect of using the service password-encryption command?


A.      Only the enable password will be encrypted.

B.      Only the enable secret password will be encrypted.

C.      Only passwords configured after the command has been entered will be encrypted.

D.      It will encrypt the secret password and remove the enable secret password from the configuration.

E.       It will encrypt all current and future passwords.


Correct Answer: E


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