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Attackers send an ACK probe packet with random sequence number, no response means port is filtered (Stateful firewall is present) and RST response means the port is not filtered. What type of Port Scanning is this?


A. RST flag scanning

B. FIN flag scanning

C. SYN flag scanning

D. ACK flag scanning


Answer: D 




What is the command used to create a binary log file using tcpdump?


A. tcpdump -w ./log

B. tcpdump -r log

C. tcpdump -vde logtcpdump -vde ? log

D. tcpdump -l /var/log/


Answer: A 




Which port, when configured on a switch receives a copy of every packet that passes through it?


A. R-DUPE Port

B. MIRROR port

C. SPAN port



Answer: C 




What is the IV key size used in WPA2?


A. 32

B. 24

C. 16

D. 48

E. 128


Answer: D 




What type of session hijacking attack is shown in the exhibit?


A. Session Sniffing Attack

B. Cross-site scripting Attack

C. SQL Injection Attack

D. Token sniffing Attack


Answer: A 




What is the default Password Hash Algorithm used by NTLMv2?


A. MD4


C. SHA-1

D. MD5


Answer: D 




Gerald, the Systems Administrator for Hyped Enterprises, has just discovered that his network has been breached by an outside attacker. After performing routine maintenance on his servers, he discovers numerous remote tools were installed that no one claims to have knowledge of in his department. Gerald logs onto the management console for his IDS and discovers an unknown IP address that scanned his network constantly for a week and was able to access his network through a high-level port that was not closed. Gerald traces the IP address he found in the IDS log to a proxy server in Brazil. Gerald calls the company that owns the proxy server and after searching through their logs, they trace the source to another proxy server in Switzerland. Gerald calls the company in Switzerland that owns the proxy server and after scanning through the logs again, they trace the source back to a proxy server in China. What proxy tool has Gerald’s attacker used to cover their tracks?


A. ISA proxy

B. IAS proxy

C. TOR proxy

D. Cheops proxy


Answer: C 




Frederickson Security Consultants is currently conducting a security audit on the networks of Hawthorn Enterprises, a contractor for the Department of Defense. Since Hawthorn Enterprises conducts business daily with the federal government, they must abide by very stringent security policies. Frederickson is testing all of Hawthorn’s physical and logical security measures including biometrics, passwords, and permissions. The federal government requires that all users must utilize random, non-dictionary passwords that must take at least 30 days to crack. Frederickson has confirmed that all Hawthorn employees use a random password generator for their network passwords. The Frederickson consultants have saved off numerous SAM files from Hawthorn’s servers using Pwdump6 and are going to try and crack the network passwords. What method of attack is best suited to crack these passwords in the shortest amount of time?


A. Brute force attack

B. Birthday attack

C. Dictionary attack

D. Brute service attack


Answer: A 




You want to know whether a packet filter is in front of Pings to don’t get answered. A basic nmap scan of seems to hang without returning any information. What should you do next?


A. Run NULL TCP hping2 against

B. Run nmap XMAS scan against

C. The firewall is blocking all the scans to

D. Use NetScan Tools Pro to conduct the scan


Answer: A 




An Attacker creates a website by copying and mirroring HACKERJOURNALS.COM site to spread the news that Hollywood actor Jason Jenkins died in a car accident. The attacker then submits his fake site for indexing in major search engines. When users search for "Jason Jenkins", attacker’s fake site shows up and dupes victims by the fake news.


This is another great example that some people do not know what URL’s are. Real website: Fake website:


The website is clearly not WWW.HACKERJOURNALS.COM. It is obvious for many, but unfortunately some people still do not know what an URL is. It’s the address that you enter into the address bar at the top your browser and this is clearly not legit site, its

How would you verify if a website is authentic or not?


A. Visit the site using secure HTTPS protocol and check the SSL certificate for authenticity

B. Navigate to the site by visiting various blogs and forums for authentic links

C. Enable Cache on your browser and lookout for error message warning on the screen

D. Visit the site by clicking on a link from Google search engine


Answer: D 


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