Latest CompTIA TK0-201 Real Exam Download 221-230

Latest CompTIA TK0-201 Real Exam Download 221-230



An assessment technique that focuses on the development or improvement of a program is known as:

A. Objective evaluation
B. Formative evaluation
C. Skill transfer
D. Summative evaluation

Correct Answer: B



An instructor is approached by a learner that expresses fear that they will not properly understand the material and may lose their job. This fear is preventing the learner from participating in the course. Which of the following is the MOST reasonable course of action for the instructor to take?

A. Tell the learner that their fears are unfounded and to relax.
B. Inform the learner they will receive from the course what they put into it.
C. Remind the learner that the course is designed for their level and they should do fine.
D. Offer to speak to the learner’s supervisor.

Correct Answer: C



A learner asks a question that the instructor did not understand. Which of the following should the instructor do?

A. Ask the learner to hold the question until a break and then discuss the question.
B. Ask the learner to rephrase the question.
C. Ask the class to rephrase the question.
D. Ask the learner to research the answer and share their findings with the class.

Correct Answer: B



Which of the following questioning techniques is BEST suited to engage learners right after a lunch break?

A. Close-ended review questions
B. Pop quiz with ranking questions
C. Questions about what they expect to learn next
D. Probing review questions

Correct Answer: D



A learner asks a question and the instructor gives a response. Which of the following should the instructor do NEXT?

A. Use non-verbal communication as verification.
B. Ask other learners for verification of the answer.
C. Ask the learner. “Did I answer your question?”
D. Ask the learner to reference the technical manual for verification.

Correct Answer: C



During the start of the class, three of the learners who are competent in the subject matter inform the instructor that their attendance in the class is due to job requirement. Which of the following techniques will BEST motivate these three learners to get more out of the class?

A. Give the three learners various scenarios about how the acquired knowledge will increase their effectiveness.
B. Ask the three learners to share information they have learned from their real life experiences to the rest of the class.
C. Ask the three learners to lead discussions and aid the other learners in the class if needed.
D. Find out what the three learners know and focus on what they might not know about the subject matter.

Correct Answer: A



An instructor has become ill and cannot continue a course. A new instructor is brought in, but has received no knowledge transfer from the previous instructor. Which of the following is the BEST option to assess the learner’s knowledge level quickly?

A. Proceed with the course at a beginner level
B. Ask the learners during introductions
C. Assume all learners’ knowledge is equal
D. Administer a written pre-test

Correct Answer: B



During a lunch break, several learners state the classroom is too cold. Which of the following should the instructor do FIRST?

A. Survey the comfort level of the learners in the class.
B. Continue on with class and ask the learners to wear more layers the next day.
C. Assure the learners that the class will end on time, and that the temperature is not that extreme.
D. Contact the facilities manager for the class and ask that the temperature be adjusted.

Correct Answer: A



An instructor is teaching a class and is constantly getting interrupted by a learner that is familiar with the subject. The learner’s interruptions are starting to affect the class’s ability to learn. Which of the following would be the FIRST action that the instructor could take to resolve the issue?

A. Have one of the other learners inform the disruptive learner that they are affecting everyone’s ability to learn.
B. Firmly tell the learner they are disrupting the class in front of the entire class.
C. Pull the learner to the side and let them know they are distracting the class.
D. Ignore the learner’s comments and continue to teach the material.

Correct Answer: C



An instructor has a learner in the class that is struggling with the subject matter being presented. The instructor notices the learner making facial expressions. Which of the following will MOST likely help the learner with the material?

A. Go to the learner privately and ask if there are any questions to clarify the material.
B. Ask the learner in front of the class why they do not understanding the material.
C. Make note of the learner’s facial expressions, continuing on with discussing the topic to see if they later understand the subject.
D. Ask the learner to come forward and demonstrate the information that was just presented.

Correct Answer: A



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