Latest CompTIA TK0-201 Real Exam Download 201-210

Latest CompTIA TK0-201 Real Exam Download 201-210



An instructor has asked the learners to perform a task. If they successfully complete the task they have demonstrated:

A. Authentic assessment
B. Learning
C. Skill transfer
D. Active listening

Correct Answer: C



In a learner-centered environment, an instructor’s role should be to present information and guidance which allows learners to:

A. Decide what skills they will achieve
B. Develop their concepts around the objective
C. Decide the objectives
D. Determine how they learn

Correct Answer: B



An instructor is presenting a technical class through a virtual classroom. The instructor provides an essay question for the learners to verify the comprehension of the topic and asks for the answers to be posted to the instructor in private chat. After a few minutes, learners begin sending in their answers and all the responses are identical. Which of the following methods of evaluation would have been BEST to utilize in this situation?

A. Various questions to each learner individually
B. Ask probing questions to individual learners
C. Use an online multiple choice exam
D. Perform a survey of the class and the understanding of the topics

Correct Answer: B



An instructor is preparing the classroom for a course at an on-site location. The course material contains a video clip with sound, but the presentation computer has no sound card. Which of the following should the instructor do FIRST to maintain the delivery method intended by the course designers?

A. Ask the IT staff to install a sound card on the presentation computer before the class starts.
B. Explain the video to the class rather than play it.
C. Create presentation slides before the class starts that contain screenshots from the video.
D. Perform a voice-over while the video plays

Correct Answer: A



An instructor noticed that several learners were not paying attention, not completing the assigned tasks, and were uninterested in the topic discussed. Which of the following is the BEST action to motivate these learners?

A. Assign teams for a competitive group activity.
B. Stress the importance of focusing at all times.
C. Move to another topic and come back to this one later.
D. Send everyone on a break and resume the topic after break.

Correct Answer: A



Which of the following question types should an instructor typically avoid?

A. Viewpoint questions
B. Open-ended questions
C. Closed-ended questions
D. Run-on questions

Correct Answer: D



During a training course an instructor invites learners to discuss how the training will benefit them. Which of the following BEST describes the skill demonstrated?

A. Engage learners to obtain input about their personal objectives and expectations
B. Engage learners to communicate learner performance objectives as indicated by course design
C. Engage learners to get their acceptance of the required training objectives and expectations
D. Engage learners to determine their prerequisite knowledge of the training course

Correct Answer: A



An instructor is conducting a three week course for a company. The learners’ managers request the instructor’s insight as to how the learners are progressing. The instructor needs to report to management at the end of each week. Which of the following will BEST show the progress of the learners as well as justify the instructor’s opinion?

A. Invite management to observe the learners in the classroom.
B. Test the skills of the learners at the end of the course to show if the course objectives were met.
C. Perform individual interviews with the learners to ask how they feel their progress is coming along.
D. Deliver a weekly assessment test that validates the improvement of the skills of the learners.

Correct Answer: A



Which of the following is the MOST useful feedback for the curriculum in course evaluations?
(Select TWO).

A. Was it easy for the instructor to stay on topic?
B. Did the flow of the course follow the objectives?
C. Is the Instructor qualified to teach the material?
D. What material would you add to the course?
E. Where you satisfied with the course extra course material for independent study?

Correct Answer: BD



A class is working on a lab that requires them to follow lengthy instructions; the instructor recognizes the pace of the class has slowed significantly and wants to ensure that all objectives are covered. Which of the following should the instructor do?

A. Manage the course flow and achieve learning objectives by asking the class to shorten their breaks and possibly return after a dinner break.
B. Achieve learning objectives by demonstrating the lab to the class then have them complete the lab together.
C. Group all slow learners together and offer extra assistance; have the other learners do additional labs.
D. Manage the course flow and achieve learning objectives by making the lab into a contest awarding a prize for the first three to finish.

Correct Answer: B



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