Latest CompTIA TK0-201 Real Exam Download 191-200

Latest CompTIA TK0-201 Real Exam Download 191-200



Which of the following is the MOST important issue to consider when identifying the target audience for a training program?

A. Potential gains in participant productivity
B. How much the program will cost
C. The knowledge and skill of the participants
D. The type of incentive to provide for completing the training

Correct Answer: A



An instructor notices that the classroom is extremely hot and several participants report that they are having trouble concentrating on the material. Which of the following is the BEST course of action for the instructor to take?

A. Contact facilities management to try to find a prompt interim solution.
B. Stay on task and use humor to distract.
C. Cancel class for the remainder of the day and start fresh the next morning.
D. Tell the learners they have to endure the heat and the problem will be addressed later.

Correct Answer: A



When a learner leans back and crosses their arms in response to a direct question, this MOST likely indicates they:

A. Know the answer but do not want to share it with the rest of the class
B. Are indifferent to the question and want to be disruptive to the class
C. Are uncomfortable with their knowledge of the correct answer
D. Are interested, invested but considering their response carefully

Correct Answer: C



An instructor perceives that a learner is continually flirting with the instructor during class.
Which of the following should the instructor do to reduce the distraction level caused by the learner?

A. Remove the learner immediately from the class. Report the behavior to the learner’s manager.
B. Avoid eye contact and continue with the class. Report the behavior to the learner’s manager.
C. Move the learner to a more distant location from the instructor. Report the behavior to the learner’s manager.
D. Discuss the behavior with the learner at a break. Report the behavior to the learner’s manager.

Correct Answer: B



A client requests a half-day course on a software application from an instructor. The instructor has laptops available for rent, but the client is not interested in paying the cost. Which of the following is the BEST method to handle this situation?

A. Instruct the client that the course can only be run with the laptop rental fee.
B. Bring one laptop and a projector to display presentations and demonstrations.
C. Increase the price of the class and say the laptop usage is free.
D. Explain the best return on investment (ROI) will be realized by hands-on training.

Correct Answer: B



An instructor is use to instructing experienced individuals. The instructor is delivering a class to a group of entry level learners. Which of the following will the instructor need to adjust for this specific group of learners?

A. Body movements and gestures
B. Technical terminology and acronyms
C. Proper syntax and use of grammar
D. Voice inflection and rate of speech

Correct Answer: B



On the first day an instructor administers a pre-test. The results of the test are mixed; some learners scored high and some scored low. Which of the following is an effective use of these results?

A. Modify the delivery to match the abilities of the learners.
B. Use the results as a baseline to measure learning.
C. Remove the over-qualified learners from the class.
D. Remove the under-qualified learners from the class.

Correct Answer: A



An instructor is almost finished completing a course and has a very dissatisfied learner. Which of the following would be the BEST course of action to help the learner?

A. Ask other learners if they had issues with the course.
B. Offer the learner a refund on the course,
C. Ask the learner if they had an issue with the course.
D. Invite the learner back to retake the course.

Correct Answer: C



The BEST method of recording attendance is to:

A. Compile a roster from end of class surveys.
B. Pass a roster around during introductions.
C. Call out a roster for confirmation.
D. Have learners sign the roster as they enter the class.

Correct Answer: C



Which of the following is the main advantage of using a multiple choice questionnaire when conducting training needs analysis?

A. Generates real-life data
B. Exposes the cause of performance problems
C. Allows the data to be anonymous
D. Yields data that is easily summarized and reported

Correct Answer: D



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