Latest CompTIA TK0-201 Real Exam Download 161-170

Latest CompTIA TK0-201 Real Exam Download 161-170



An instructor wants to evaluate the classes’ knowledge after they completed the course. Which of the following should be the instructor’s FIRST choice for this process?

A. Administer a written exam for the class on the course.
B. Give the class a course evaluation.
C. Use formative assessment to monitor the classes’ progress.
D. Have one of the learners do a hands-on example.

Correct Answer: A



An instructor has just answered a question from a learner. Which of the following is the NEXT action the instructor should take?

A. Ask other learners to provide an example to further clarify the material
B. Seek feedback from the learner to show they understand.
C. Restate the material with further examples and diagrams.
D. Proceed on to the next section of material.

Correct Answer: B



With a class of visual learners, which of the following methods is BEST to keep the learners involved? (Select TWO).

A. Have the learners memorize the directions.
B. Have test questions or directions read aloud.
C. Distribute written directions or write them on the board.
D. Use flow charts and diagrams for note taking.
E. Teach by lecture and break the learners into study groups.

Correct Answer: CD



A learner asks the instructor a question that was covered before the lunch break. Which of the following would the BEST response be from the instructor?

A. Answer the question in short form, citing where it was covered previously.
B. Redirect the question to the class, and allow other learners to answer.
C. Provide a more in-depth answer to the question so that the rest of the learners gain more from the discussion.
D. Ask the learner to remain after class to review the material that was already covered.

Correct Answer: B



A presentation heavy with procedural details was just completed. The subsequent demonstration exercise is not flowing well. Which of the following will be the MOST productive assistance the instructor can provide?

A. Review the presentation in more detail.
B. Hand out copies of the procedure from the slide presentation.
C. Ask probing questions to trigger the learner’s memory of the procedure.
D. Quickly lead the learners in a question and answer session.

Correct Answer: B



Which of the following methods encourages learners to resolve their own inquiries?

A. Hypothetical questions
B. Guiding questions
C. Direct questions
D. Closed questions

Correct Answer: B



In order to understand and answer a learner’s question, an effective active listening technique would be to: (Select TWO).

A. Refer the question to another learner.
B. Repeat the question back to the learner.
C. Ask the learner if the question was answered.
D. Answer the question immediately.
E. Quiz the learner on the material.

Correct Answer: BC



During a tedious technical exercise the instructor notes that the learners are nervous and apprehensive about starting. Which of the following should the instructor do?

A. Reassure everyone that they will perform well and monitor their progress on a more personal basis.
B. Give the learners extra time to complete the exercise.
C. Present the lecture portion again to reinforce the exercise and then follow up with a question and answer session.
D. Tell a humorous story to make the learners feel more comfortable during the exercise.

Correct Answer: A



The instructor noticed that a discussion was getting oft track and out of control. Which of the following question types can help the instructor gain control of the discussion?

A. Open
B. Clarifying
C. Closed
D. Probing

Correct Answer: C



During the training session introduction, half of the participants indicate that they are interested in learning about topics that are not part of the course objectives. The BEST approach for the instructor is to:

A. Meet with each participant at break time and after class to address individual needs.
B. Make a list of all the participants’ suggestions for the course.
C. Communicate clearly what the course will and will not address.
D. Change the course content to meet the participants’ expressed needs.

Correct Answer: C



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