Latest CompTIA TK0-201 Real Exam Download 121-130

Latest CompTIA TK0-201 Real Exam Download 121-130



During introductions a learner asks if a related topic can be reviewed during the course; however, the topic is outside the prescribed course material. Which of the following is the BEST way to handle this request?

A. Review the topic in the next more advanced course.
B. Extend the length of the course to include the topic.
C. Remove a section from the course material to make room for the requested topic.
D. Include the topic without modifying the course material.

Correct Answer: D



Two instructors are team teaching. The first instructor receives an excellent evaluation and the second instructor receives a lower evaluation. Which of the following methods would work BEST to make the second instructor more effective?

A. Have the second instructor perform a self-evaluation.
B. Have the first instructor provide feedback to the second instructor’s teaching techniques.
C. Report the evaluation to a supervisor and have the instructor replaced.
D. Have the class re-evaluate the second instructor using an alternate method.

Correct Answer: B



Which of the following is a learner oriented method of evaluating the delivery of training?

A. Group discussion
B. Feedback form
C. Videotaping
D. Peer review

Correct Answer: B



An instructor has a learner in the class that needs to frequently check and reply to email during the course time. Which of the following is the BEST course of action for the instructor to take?

A. Dismiss the learner from the class as they are not focused on the material.
B. Ask the learner to dismiss themselves from the class when they need to check and reply to email.
C. Inform the learner that their action is inappropriate and they need to check their email only during breaks.
D. Ask the learner to take the necessary steps to cause the least distraction to the rest of the class.

Correct Answer: D



Which of the following is important when an instructor is leading a group discussion?

A. Learning is enhanced through interaction and conversation
B. Designate someone in the group to be the leader
C. The group’s individual knowledge of the members of the group
D. The amount of time it takes for each group to solve an issue

Correct Answer: A



An instructor has given the class materials to complete an assignment and instructs them to start. One of the learners finishes the assignment in two minutes, but the instructor says it is incomplete. Which of the following should the instructor have done to clarify the requirements for the assignment?

A. Hand out written instructions so the learners can refer back to them
B. Demonstrate the assignment for the learner
C. Review the instructions and check for understanding
D. Email the instructions before the course starts so the learners can prepare for the assignment

Correct Answer: C



Using every available feature of a computer-based graphic presentation is:

A. A benefit to the visual learner.
B. Distracting to the learner.
C. An excellent use of training materials.
D. A creative use of resources.

Correct Answer: B



A manager has assigned a group of learners to take a course. All of the learners are familiar with the course topics. A new student arrives after lunch on the first day and informs the instructor that they are a new-hire and are not familiar with the course topics. Which of the following BEST describes the step the instructor should take?

A. Remove the student from the class so they do not disrupt their co-workers.
B. Pair the non-experienced student with an experienced student for assistance.
C. Give the student additional resources for independent study.
D. Assess the entire group to determine where additional assistance is needed.

Correct Answer: B



After the first week of a two week training class, the instructor notices that there are four learners in Group A that are motivated and doing a great job in with the material. In Group B the entire group seems to be moving slow and not very successful with the material. Which of the following can the instructor do to continue the class?

A. Offer more assistance to Group Band give Group A an extended break
B. Offer Group B incentives if they can keep up with Group A’s work
C. Combine both groups together and let them work on the material.
D. Switch some of the individuals from Group A to Group B

Correct Answer: D



When delivering a class for a group that contains primarily kinesthetic learners, it is important to:

A. Let each participant tell their own story about how they have applied the course content.
B. Share many examples of how the content should be used.
C. Allow for sufficient practice time.
D. Have the participants brainstorm ideas for content application.

Correct Answer: C



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