Latest CompTIA TK0-201 Real Exam Download 111-120

Latest CompTIA TK0-201 Real Exam Download 111-120



Which of the following BEST describes the advantages of open-ended questions?

A. It creates opportunities for learners to contribute to the discussion and apply course content.
B. It keeps all of the learners engaged and prepared to answer a question.
C. It is less likely that the learners will answer them incorrectly.
D. It enables a less knowledgeable instructor to question a class.

Correct Answer: A



An instructor realizes that a learner is confused about the information based upon a question the learner asks. Which of the following should the instructor do to address this issue?

A. The instructor should rephrase the question asked by the learner and clarify their confusion.
B. The instructor should stop instruction and have a review of all of the information covered.
C. The instructor should immediately provide clarification so as to not impede the progress of the rest of the group.
D. The instructor should refer the learner to additional study materials that they can review for clarification after the class.

Correct Answer: A



An instructor is explaining a topic and realizes that the learners seem confused. Which of the following approaches would BEST clarify the topic?

A. Repeat the explanation of the topic.
B. Use a real-world reference.
C. Use humor to explain the topic.
D. Start asking the learners closed-ended questions about the topic.

Correct Answer: B



For this question, decide whether the action makes it likely or unlikely that a trainer will achieve the goal. Select the BEST statement that explains why the action is likely or unlikely to accomplish the goal.
GOAL: To manage time available for the course.
ACTION: At the beginning of the course, the trainer hands out several supplemental labs for homework that the trainer has created especially for this material.

A. Likely, because the trainer expects the learners to complete them outside class time.
B. Likely, because the learners can decide which labs they can do independently.
C. Unlikely, because the instructional designer has calculated the appropriate time for the course.
D. Unlikely, because adding supplemental material will disrupt the flow of the class.
Answer: A



An instructor arrives at a remote classroom site about an hour before class begins only to find the wrong student material (e.g. books) has been shipped. Which of the following is the BEST course of action for the instructor to take?

A. Contact the publisher/vendor to receive permission to reproduce the first day’s materials.
B. Cancel the class as the right material has not arrived.
C. Contact the site administrator about dismissing the class for the day and compress the material into the remaining days.
D. Use past material from another course for the first day and catch up during subsequent days.

Correct Answer: A



The members of a corporate training department have been asked to conduct an overall organizational training assessment. Which of the following BEST defines the training needs of the organization?

A. Individual skill gaps noted in performance appraisals
B. Common mistakes people make when doing their jobs
C. Number of employees in the company and how many days are allocated to train the company
D. Reasons for high turnover, high absenteeism, or low performance

Correct Answer: A



A client has asked an instructor to modify information for a course to give the learners the knowledge needed for their company’s proprietary system. The instructor discovers that the material cannot be modified due to copyright regulations. Which of the following is the BEST course of action for the instructor?

A. Modify the material anyway for the client and do not tell them about the regulations.
B. Call the developer to see what the charge would be to change the material.
C. Advise the client of the copyright regulations and offer to use different material.
D. Tell the client class cannot be conducted because of the copyright regulations.

Correct Answer: C



An instructor is preparing to deliver a hands-on lab course. The client provides material and asks the instructor to develop a method to determine the skill increase from the course. Which of the following should the instructor prepare?

A. A pre-class and post-class assessment
B. A verbal quiz to be given at the end of each course topic
C. A comprehensive lab that incorporates all of the skills taught in the course
D. A written exam to be given at the completion of the course

Correct Answer: A



An instructor is conducting a course comprised of learners from an international audience. The instructor asks questions of the learners and notices that several of the learners do not participate even though they understand the material. Which of the following actions would be BEST for the instructor to take?

A. Remind the learners that this training is for their benefit and non-participation will only hinder their learning.
B. Implement additional validation methods that address the multiple cultures represented in the classroom,
C. Select non-participating learners to answer questions where they are likely to understand the material.
D. Inform the class that the course is intended to be instructed in a particular manner and they need to participate.

Correct Answer: B



Which of the following is the BEST example of a probing question?

A. “Which partner would be best suited for this task?”
B. “Would you be comfortable explaining this procedure to another learner?”
C. “Which plan did you use to accomplish this task?”
D. “Can you elaborate on how you would accomplish this task”?”

Correct Answer: D



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