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A company has a policy that states that all servers will be fully backed up on the weekend. Additionally, all changed items will be backed up each night. In the event of a server failure, the administrator wants to be able to fully recover the system using two restore jobs. Which of the following backup levels should be used nightly?


A.      Incremental

B.      Normal

C.      Differential

D.      Full


Correct Answer: C




An administrator is getting reports that a file server is responding slowly. Which of the following steps should the administrator take FIRST?


A.      Remove unnecessary files on the server to free up hard disk space.

B.      Defragment the server’s hard disks.

C.      Compare monitoring results with the server baseline.

D.      Add additional memory to reduce paging.


Correct Answer: C




While troubleshooting a video problem on an application server, the system administrator has determined that the video firmware should be updated. Which of the following sources should be used to locate an appropriate update for this hardware? (Select TWO).


A.      Third-party manufacturer

B.      Video chipset manufacturer

C.      Server manufacturer

D.      Operating system manufacturer

E.       Shareware file sharing site


Correct Answer: BC




An administrator is planning an upgrade of a major software package on an application server. The software has been identified, the project approved and the upgrade purchased. Which of the following steps should the administrator take NEXT?


A.      Create a test environment for the new version.

B.      Determine system requirements for the upgrade.

C.      Request bids from other competing vendors in the product space.

D.      Document the upgrade.


Correct Answer: A




While discussing the specifications of replacement servers, the administrator’s manager asks what can be done to avoid the down time associated with failed hard drives on the servers. Which of the following should the administrator recommend?


A.      Mirror all disks to avoid replacement

B.      Purchase servers with hot swappable drives configured in a RAID

C.      Purchase servers with duplicate drives configured as RAID 0

D.      Perform timely backups


Correct Answer: B




When running a Windows server, which option is used with the ping command to convert numerical addresses to host names?


A.      -r

B.      -a

C.      -v

D.      -n


Correct Answer: B




An administrator adds a new SATA hard drive into a functional server and attempts to boot the server. The server will no longer boot into the operating system. The administrator checks all the connections and reboots the server. The server still will not load the operating system. Which of the following is the MOST probable cause?


A.      The BIOS is set with the wrong boot order.

B.      The jumpers have not been set on the hard drive.

C.      The hard drive is not compatible with the system board.

D.      The boot.ini file needs to be modified.


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following connection types provides the BEST data bandwidth when installing thirteen external hard drives on a server?


A.        USB 2.0

B.        SAS

C.        SATA

D.        Ultra SCSI 160


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following must be available prior to performing the FIRST server backup?


A.        The most recent service pack

B.        The most recent backup documentation plan

C.        The most recent backup utility

D.        The most recent hotfixes


Correct Answer: B




An administrator is configuring RAID 1 in a server. The administrator has been given two matching 80GB SATA-2 hard drives, two SATA-2 cables, and a SATA-2 RAID adapter. How should the administrator BEST configure these drives?


A.        Install one drive on the first channel and install the second drive on the second channel.

B.        Install one drive on the first cable, on the first channel. Install the second drive on the second cable, on the second channel.

C.        Install both drives on the same channel. Cable both drives as the primary master on the same cable.

D.        Install both drives on the same channel. On the same cable one drive should be set as primary slave and the other drive as the primary master.


Correct Answer: B



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