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A technician notices the storage space available on a data server is rapidly decreasing. A few users seem to be storing considerably more data than the other users. Which of the following should the technician implement to give all users the same amount of available storage space?


A.      Disk quotas

B.      Group memberships

C.      Logon scripts

D.      Shadow volumes


Correct Answer: A




A user is receiving an error about not having enough virtual memory. A technician wants to manually set the amount of available virtual memory for the computer. At a MINIMUM, the technician should set the virtual memory to be which of the following?


A.      0.5 times the amount of physical memory

B.      1.5 times the amount of physical memory

C.      2 times the amount of physical memory

D.      Equal to the amount of physical memory


Correct Answer: B




A technician with a Windows server would like to use Windows Software Update Services (WSUS) to deploy patches. Which of the following MUST the technician assign to the server to install WSUS?


A.      DHCP

B.      IMAP

C.      DNS

D.      IIS


Correct Answer: D




A company backs up their data using daily, weekly, and monthly tape backups. The weekly backups are also known as which of the following?


A.      Son

B.      Father

C.      Grandfather

D.      Great-grandfather


Correct Answer: B




A technician at a small business goes into the server room to perform maintenance on a server and notices it is very hot and audible alarms are going off. The technician is unsure of how to remedy the situation. Which of the following should the technician do?


A.      Turn off all the equipment in the server closet

B.      Install a fan in the server closet

C.      Turn off the power to the server closet

D.      Follow escalation procedures for emergencies


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following should a technician use to remove dust from the inside of a server case?


A.      Compressed air

B.      Vacuum

C.      Soap and water

D.      Disinfecting wipes


Correct Answer: A




The warranty expiration date of each server should be recorded in which of the following documents?


A.      Asset management

B.      Network diagram

C.      Server baseline

D.      List of vendors

Correct Answer: A




Which of the following connectors identifies that a motherboard has onboard video capabilities? (Select TWO).


A.      DB-15

B.      DB-9

C.      DB-25

D.      RJ-45

E.       DVI


Correct Answer: AE




Which of the following accurately describes the meaning of redundant cooling?


A.      The source of cooling to a RAID system

B.      The cooling system in a redundant power supply

C.      A cooling system that can be installed in case of failure

D.      A second cooling system in case of a failure


Correct Answer: D




A technician has to populate a server motherboard with memory. The board has a memory bus speed of 800 MHz. Which of the following memory types should be used?


A.      DDR3

B.      SDRAM

C.      DDR

D.      DDR2


Correct Answer: D



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