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A server administrator implements a solution that should fix an issue. Which of the following should the administrator do NEXT in the troubleshooting process?


A.      Notify users impacted by the problem

B.      Verify full system functionality

C.      Document the actions and outcomes

D.      Identify the scope of the problem


Correct Answer: B




An administrator is troubleshooting a power supply that is believed to have failed. Which of the following tools will BEST help test the power supply?

A.      ESD Equipment

B.      Multimeter

C.      POST Card

D.      Toner Probe


Correct Answer: B




An administrator is testing setting the IP address on a Linux server from command line. Which of the following commands is used to set the default gateway for the server?


A.      route

B.      traceroute

C.      ipconfig

D.      nmap


Correct Answer: A




An administrator has replaced a faulty drive in a server using software RAID. The drive needs to now be partitioned before being added back to the array. Which of the following tools should the administrator use to accomplish this?


A.      chkdsk

B.      mount

C.      fsck

D.      diskpart


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following server types allows resolution of domain names to IP addresses?


A.      DHCP server

B.      DNS server

C.      Web server

D.      VLAN server


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following backup media would be MOST appropriate for router configuration files?


A.      Optical

B.      Tape

C.      Flash drive

D.      Hard disk


Correct Answer: C




A user reports that they are unable to print to a remote printer. Which of the following should the technician check FIRST?


A.      Printer driver

B.      Protocol stack

C.      Network connectivity

D.      Correct patch application


Correct Answer: C




A user reports that they are unable to reach a particular website. The user had no issues reaching the site earlier in the day. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the lack of access?


A.      The VLAN is misconfigured

B.      The user has an improperly configured NIC

C.      The DHCP server is down

D.      The DNS server is down


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following should be done FIRST before installing NOS patches in a production environment?


A.      Install patches on non critical servers

B.      Install patches in test environment

C.      Install patches on a PC

D.      Install patches on critical servers


Correct Answer: B




A hypervisor is used to do which of the following?


A.      Create server baselines

B.      Manage virtual machines

C.      Monitor network traffic

D.      Manage disk space


Correct Answer: B



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