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Which of the following concepts is described as multiple logical subnets traversing the same physical network?


A.      DHCP

B.      VLANs

C.      DMZ

D.      VPNs


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following must be done to properly conduct testing of the data backup portion of a disaster recovery plan?


A.      Perform an integrity test of backup media.

B.      Verify data on backup media can be read.

C.      Verify that backups have occurred and were successful via the logs.

D.      Restore backed up data to a test server.


Correct Answer: D




An administrator attempts to install the latest security patches for an older server. When the administrator runs the patch installer, the install fails. The administrator tries again, and the installer fails again. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason for this?


A.      The administrator improperly configured the virtual memory settings on the server.

B.      The administrator is using incorrect patch switches for the install.

C.      The administrator is trying to install security patches for software that is not installed.

D.      The administrator is trying to install patches that require hard drive encryption on the server.


Correct Answer: C





Which of the following BEST describes server virtualization?


A.        A single logical server operating on multiple physical servers.

B.        Applications hosted on a single server and deployed to multiple users.

C.        Multiple servers used to host applications for multiple users.

D.        Multiple logical servers operating on the same physical server.


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following are benefits of the HCL? (Select TWO).


A.        Enhanced stability

B.        Vendor supported

C.        Higher number of available component choices

D.        Lower cost

E.         Enhanced security


Correct Answer: AB




Which of the following is the minimum number of drives in an RAID 0 configuration?


A.        2

B.        3

C.        4

D.        5


Correct Answer: A




A user cannot access files on /deps/it directory, the administrator verifies permissions are set rw——- for the directory. Which of the following actions need to be performed to only grant read access to the user on the IT directory?


A.        Set folder permissions to 760.

B.        Set folder permissions to 770.

C.        Set folder permissions to modify.

D.        Set folder permissions to full control.


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following BEST describes how server virtualization can cut down IT costs?


A.        Server virtualization increases server application performance allowing productivity to be increased.

B.        Server virtualization simplifies server administration and reduces the IT department staffing needs.

C.        Server virtualization implements higher security measures at the server OS level reducing the need for other security implementations.

D.        Server virtualization is a more efficient use of hardware for multiple servers reducing the resource utilization.


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following technologies allows multiple logical subnets to span an entire physical switched network?


A.      ARP

B.      DMZ

C.      VLAN

D.      VPN


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following is the BEST recovery method for a server that only aggregates report data and stores data on separate servers?


A.      Full

B.      Disk imaging

C.      Incremental

D.      Tape backup


Correct Answer: B

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