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Which of the following is the advantage of Server to Server replication in a cluster environment over Disk to Disk?


A.      Reduced network traffic

B.      Frequent BIOS updates are not required

C.      Backup agent does not need to be installed

D.      Provides greater overall fault tolerance


Correct Answer: D




NAS, SAN, and Tape library are MOST commonly used for which of the following?


A.      System paging file

B.      Virtual memory

C.      GPU processing

D.      Backup and file storage


Correct Answer: D




An administrator is creating a new data retention policy. Which of the following is the MOST important consideration?


A.      Compile technical requirements for new policy

B.      Comply with applicable laws and regulations

C.      Destroy the old data retention policy

D.      Have hard copies of the new policy stored offsite


Correct Answer: B




During a printer driver installation, a message appears stating "The software being installed for this hardware has not passed Windows logo testing". Which of the following is the SAFEST course of action for the administrator to take?


A.      Continue with installation

B.      Install .dll files needed for the printer

C.      Obtain a Microsoft certified driver

D.      Restart the printer and try again


Correct Answer: C




A server contains a 3 disk RAID 5 array. The red LED is illuminated on one of the drives. Which of the following should the server administrator perform?


A.      Replace the drive

B.      Restore the drive from backup

C.      Reboot the server

D.      Reconfigure RAID 5 to RAID 10


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following would be an advantage to using a blade server as opposed to a rack mount server?


A.      Blade servers allow for internal tape drives

B.      Blade servers offer more rack density

C.      Blade servers are typically faster

D.      Blade servers allow for more RAM


Correct Answer: B




A stripe set of maximum size is to be configured using two physical disks. One disk has 150GB and the other has 250GB in unallocated space. Which of the following will be the size of the stripe set?


A.      150GB

B.      300GB

C.      400GB

D.      500GB


Correct Answer: B




A technician has a current baseline and is told to install additional memory and a faster NIC card. At which point in time should the next baseline be run?


A.      After the memory is installed

B.      Before the upgrade is performed

C.      After the NIC is installed

D.      After the upgrades are performed


Correct Answer: D




Users report that they are unable to connect to a server. An administrator confirms that it is unreachable across the network. Other administrators have been working in the server room throughout the day. Which of the following is the NEXT step the administrator should take?


A.      Verify the configuration of the connected port on the network switch.

B.      Reboot the server.

C.      Install a new NIC on the server.

D.      Verify that network cables are connected.


Correct Answer: D




A company utilizes the GFS backup standard. Which of the following describes this backup method?


A.      Greatest, Final, Sequential

B.      Full, Partial, Incremental

C.      Monthly, Weekly, Daily

D.      Full, Differential, Incremental


Correct Answer: C



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