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A technician needs to replace the processor on a server’s motherboard. The motherboard supports Socket 478 processors. Which of the following processors would be compatible with this motherboard?


A.      AMD Athlon

B.      Pentium III

C.      Atom

D.      Pentium 4


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following should be included in the network diagram?


A.      Server room access log

B.      Server types

C.      OEM contact information

D.      Temperature reading


Correct Answer: B




When creating a list of vendors, which of the following information should be included?


A.      Vendor customer satisfaction ratings

B.      OEM contact information

C.      Time vendor has been in business

D.      Annual spending budget with the vendor


Correct Answer: B




A restaurant is considering placing a server to run their restaurant software in the kitchen of the restaurant. Which of the following environmental considerations is of MOST concern?


A.      Temperature

B.      Power

C.      Humidity

D.      Dust


Correct Answer: A




An administrator is having problems with a server’s built-in I/O devices such as keyboard and USB ports. Which of the following is the BEST solution to resolve the problem?


A.      Upgrade to the latest security patch

B.      Reinstall the operating system

C.      Update the faulty equipment drivers

D.      Upgrade to a new service pack


Correct Answer: C




A server administrator recently purchased a new brand of rewritable Blu-ray media and is now having problems backing up data when using the Blu-ray burner installed in the server. Older backup disks still work, but the new media causes the backup software to report burn failures. Which of the following is the BEST solution to resolve the problem?


A.      Update the Blu-ray burner to the latest drivers

B.      Reboot the server and restart the software

C.      Upgrade the firmware on the Blu-ray burner

D.      Apply the latest operating service pack


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following is the typical recommended temperature range for a data center?


A.      64°F to 77°F (18°C to 25°C)

B.      78°F to 85°F (26°C to 29°C)

C.      41°F to 55°F (5°C to 12°C)

D.      56°F to 63°F (13°C to 17°C)


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following is the MOST secure and efficient way to dispose of rewritable DVD media containing sensitive information?


A.      Media should be erased

B.      Media should be shredded

C.      Media should be exposed to UV

D.      Media should be formatted


Correct Answer: B




An administrator does not have console access to a Windows Server. Which of the following command line utilities should the administrator use to reboot the system remotely?


A.      reboot

B.      pkill

C.      shutdown

D.      kill


Correct Answer: C




When upgrading the BIOS, which of the following is MOST important?


A.      Check room temperature and humidity.

B.      Follow manufacturer instructions and documentation.

C.      Run operating system updates.

D.      Defragment all the hard drives on the system.


Correct Answer: B



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