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An administrator needs to connect servers to the Fiber Channel SAN. Which of the following should the administrator install in the servers to allow this connection?


A.        Riser

B.        HBA

C.        SCSI card

D.        SAS card


Correct Answer: B




An administrator creates a new directory then shares it on the Windows server. The administrator sets the permissions for everyone to "Modify" but users report they are unable to create or delete documents. Which of the following is the cause?


A.        The administrator forgot to change the share permissions

B.        The users were not part of the "Everyone" built in group

C.        The administrator shared the files but not the folder

D.        "Modify" only allows users to change existing documents


Correct Answer: A




An administrator needs a network that can support up to 800 hosts on the same subnet. Which of the following is the MINIMUM subnet mask that should be used?







Correct Answer: C




In a system with high CPU utilization, which of the following will help the MOST to minimize the performance impact of parity overhead in RAID 5?


A.      Use all SAS Drives

B.      Triple Channel RAM

C.      Use all Solid State Drives

D.      Hardware RAID Controller


Correct Answer: D




An administrator has removed a SATA hard drive from a failed server. Which of the following adapters would MOST likely be used by the administrator to transfer files from the drive to a laptop?


A.      SATA to SCSI

B.      SATA to HBA

C.      SATA to USB

D.      SATA to SAS


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following can transmit block level storage over Ethernet?


A.      SAS

B.      iSCSI

C.      USB

D.      SATA


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following uses a switching fabric to connect storage LUNs to hosts?


A.      Fiber Channel

B.      SCSI

C.      SATA

D.      Ethernet


Correct Answer: A




An administrator has experienced minor electrical shocks when touching metal surfaces in the datacenter. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?


A.      The UPS is using 220-240V rather than 110-120V

B.      The humidity is too low

C.      The temperature is too low

D.      The datacenter is experiencing EMI


Correct Answer: B




An administrator has encountered an error while patching a virtualized guest machine. Which of the following technologies would allow the administrator to restore to a pre-patched state the FASTEST?


A.      Cloning

B.      Bare Metal Restore

C.      OS Restore

D.      Snapshot


Correct Answer: D




A datacenter manager would like to ensure that all fire suppression in the datacenter is safe for the equipment in the room. Which of the following classifications should be listed on the fire suppression system?


A.      A

B.      B

C.      C

D.      D


Correct Answer: C



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