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Which of the following is the minimum number of drives required for a RAID 10 array?


A.      3

B.      4

C.      5

D.      10


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following server roles provides a common time to all computers?


A.      NTP

B.      SNMP

C.      SMTP

D.      RAS


Correct Answer: A






Which of the following internal storage technologies has the HIGHEST single drive storage capacity?


A.      SAS

B.      SATA

C.      Flash

D.      SCSI


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following is the FIRST step when troubleshooting an issue?


A.      Identify the problem.

B.      Verify full system functionality.

C.      Document all findings.

D.      Establish a theory of probable cause.


Correct Answer: A




An administrator has implemented a solution to resolve a server’s problem in which the server unexpectedly reboots. Which of the following should be the administrator’s NEXT troubleshooting step?


A.        Test the theory to determine if the solution will correct the issue, list all other possible causes.

B.        Verify full system functionality.

C.        Document the issue; include details regarding findings, actions taken to resolve the issue, and the outcome.

D.        Establish a theory of probable cause based on previous tests and determine next steps to resolve.


Correct Answer: B




A user selects their proper domain and is unable to log into their Windows computer. The error states: `System cannot log you on to the domain because the system’s computer account in its primary domain is missing or the password on that account is incorrect’. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause for this error?


A.        The computer’s account was removed from Active Directory.

B.        The user’s account was removed from Active Directory.

C.        The computer was disjoined from the domain.

D.        The user typed in the wrong password.


Correct Answer: A




An administrator logs into a server and notices slow performance. When the system finishes the logon process a message is displayed saying the system is out of Virtual Memory. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?


A.        The drives have been configured as basic.

B.        The system partition with the page file is out of space.

C.        The VMFS has bad sectors.

D.        The drivers for the memory have become corrupt.


Correct Answer: B




An administrator logs into a server and notices slow performance. While troubleshooting the problem the administrator notices that an unfamiliar process in the Task Manager is running at 100% CPU usage. The administrator tries to end the task and receives `Access is denied’. Which of the following steps would allow the administrator to terminate that process?


A.        Adding the `Run as a service’ permission to their account.

B.        Running the kill utility.

C.        Adding their account to the remote users group.

D.        Ending the services.exe process then ending the runaway process.


Correct Answer: B




An administrator has added a new hard drive to a server that is running out of space on its C Drive and is experiencing slow performance. The administrator needs to free up space on the C Drive. Which of the following is the BEST action for the administrator to take to free up space on the drive?


A.      Move the page file to the new drive.

B.      Copy the system32 directory to the new drive.

C.      Convert the C drive to a basic disk.

D.      Setup a software RAID to mirror the C drive.


Correct Answer: A




An administrator is troubleshooting issues on an application server. After a root cause analysis, the administrator has determined that there were some unauthorized logins to the server. Which of the following locations would BEST help to determine details about the unauthorized logins?


A.      Active Directory

B.      DHCP logs

C.      Security logs

D.      System logs


Correct Answer: C



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