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An administrator recently installed a known good RAID adapter. During boot up, the administrator is able to access the RAID configuration utility; however, when the administrator checks for the card in the operating system, it does not show up. Which of the following should the administrator do FIRST?


A.      Move the RAID adapter to another slot.

B.      Perform a baseline of the system.

C.      Contact the reseller of the adapter for a replacement card.

D.      Check the RAID adapter’s manufacturer for the latest drivers.


Correct Answer: D




A server consists of two 72GB SCSI drives and four 146GB SCSI drives. All drives are attached to a RAID controller. The system’s administrator has decided to mirror two drives for the operating system. Which of the following is the maximum space the administrator will have remaining to use for data when using RAID 0?


A.      292GB

B.      438GB

C.      584GB

D.      728GB


Correct Answer: C




An administrator has been instructed to add four additional drives to a server configured with RAID 5. The server is using 146GB drives for the data. Without changing the configuration, how much additional data space would be available if the administrator purchased 300GB drives and added them to the existing array?


A.      438GB

B.      584GB

C.      900GB

D.      1200GB


Correct Answer: B




An administrator receives a call from an end user reporting that the application they are using keeps giving them an error on port 23. Which of the following is being used?


A.      SSH

B.      Remote Desktop Connection

C.      Telnet

D.      VPN


Correct Answer: C




An administrator is in charge of a server that houses various applications. Which of the following BEST explains this server type?


A.      Dedicated Application Server

B.      File Server

C.      Shared Application Server

D.      Peer-to-Peer Application Server


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following describes the difference between SATA and PATA?


A.      SATA operates on a single channel.

B.      PATA devices have three channels.

C.      PATA devices have their own channel whereas SATA does not.

D.      SATA devices have their own channel whereas PATA does not.


Correct Answer: D




An administrator installs new IDE drives into the company server. Upon starting the machine, the BIOS does not recognize any of the drives. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the problem?


A.      The jumpers are not set correctly on the drives.

B.      The power supply is not rated high enough to support the additional drives.

C.      The BIOS is not compatible with the drives.

D.      The drives are not powered on.


Correct Answer: A




An administrator needs to review the open ports on a host. Which of the following commands should they use?


A.      traceroute -d

B.      ping -t

C.      netstat -ano

D.      nbtstat -a


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following server types performs the same function as the LMHOSTS file?


A.      DNS

B.      DHCP

C.      WINS

D.      FTP


Correct Answer: C




An administrator wants to rackmount a new server. Power and network outlets are available and cooling in the room is adequate to support the additional server. The new server is identical to the other servers already installed. Which of the following items should the administrator FIRST verify before installing the server?


A.      HBA is compatible with the SAN fiber switch.

B.      Update the newly installed server with the latest KVM drivers.

C.      The UPS will continue to perform as expected with the additional load.

D.      Verify the server NIC is compatible with the NAS.


Correct Answer: C



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