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A technician is developing a shortcut sheet for the network to be able to assist in future troubleshooting scenarios. Which of the following should the network devices have to ease manageability efforts?


A.      MAC spoofing

B.      Dynamic IPs

C.      MAC filtering

D.      Static IPs


Correct Answer: D




A technician is troubleshooting a computer that will not connect to the Internet. The PC is connected to the network. Which of the following tools should the technician use FIRST to understand the NIC configuration?


A.      Protocol analyzer

B.      ipconfig

C.      nslookup

D.      tracert


Correct Answer: B




A user reports that several spots within the company’s office have intermittent connectivity issues with the newly installed wireless network. There are several WAPs located around the office to provide a strong signal wherever the users are. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the problem?


A.      Incompatible network card

B.      Channel overlap

C.      Latency

D.      WEP encryption


Correct Answer: B




Ann, a new user, has a workstation that has connectivity to the printer located in her department, but cannot access the Internet. The result of an ipconfig command on Ann’s workstation is as follows:

Ÿ   IP address:

Ÿ   Subnet Mask:

Ÿ   Default Gateway:


Which is MOST likely preventing the user from accessing the Internet?


A.      Duplicate IP address

B.      Incorrect gateway

C.      Incorrect VLAN

D.      Bad switch port


Correct Answer: B




A customer is implementing a VoIP infrastructure using an existing network. The customer currently has all network devices on the same subnet and would like the phones to be powered without the use of an AC adapter. Which of the following features should be enabled and configured to allow for reliable performance of the VoIP system? (Select THREE).


A.      WEP

B.      PoE

C.      VLANs

D.      SSL VPN

E.       IDS

F.       QoS


Correct Answer: BCF




A customer is having problems connecting to a wireless network in a shared office space. The customer can detect several other wireless network signals. All of the wireless networks have different SSIDs but several are using the same encryption type. Which of the following should be configured on the customer’s wireless network to improve connectivity to the wireless network?


A.      Change the SSID to match other wireless networks for increased throughput.

B.      Change the encryption type to a different mechanism to avoid interference.

C.      Change the channel to a different channel than the other wireless networks.

D.      Change the WAP to a different manufacturer than the other wireless networks.


Correct Answer: C




Users at a remote site are unable to establish a VPN to the main office. At which of the following layers of the OSI model does the problem MOST likely reside?


A.      Presentation

B.      Application

C.      Physical

D.      Session


Correct Answer: D




A network technician is setting up a wireless access point that would only allow a certain laptop to be able to access the WAP. By using ACL, which of the following would be filtered to ensure only the authorized laptop can access the WAP?


A.      NetBIOS name filtering

B.      IP address filtering

C.      MAC address filtering

D.      Computer name filtering


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following is the common port used for IMAP?


A.      25

B.      53

C.      143

D.      443


Correct Answer: C




A company has just installed a new network switch for an expanding department. The company is also piloting the use of a VoIP phone system for this department. Which of the following should be enabled on the new network switch?


A.      WINS

B.      QoS

C.      NAT

D.      DHCP


Correct Answer: B



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