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The security measure used to reduce vulnerabilities for MOST network devices that require regular application and monitoring is:


A.      patch management.

B.      security limitations.

C.      documentation.

D.      social engineering.


Correct Answer: A




A user wants to connect seven PCs together for a game night. Which of the following should the user install to help with this task?


A.      Media convertor

B.      Switch

C.      Firewall

D.      Bridge


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following defines the amount of time a host retains a specific IP address before it is renewed or released?


A.      DHCP lease

B.      DNS suffix

C.      Subnet mask

D.      DHCP reservation

Correct Answer: A




Which of the following appliances creates and manages a large number of secure remote-access sessions, and also provides a high availability solution?


A.      Media converter

B.      Proxy server

C.      VPN concentrator

D.      Load balancer


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following would a network administrator recommend to satisfy fault tolerance needs within the datacenter?


A.      Multimode fiber

B.      Setting up a new hot site

C.      Central KVM system

D.      Central UPS system


Correct Answer: D




During a disaster recovery test, several billing representatives need to be temporarily setup to take payments from customers. It has been determined that this will need to occur over a wireless network, with security being enforced where possible. Which of the following configurations should be used in this scenario?


A.      WPA2, SSID enabled, and 802.11n.

B.      WEP, SSID enabled, and 802.11b.

C.      WEP, SSID disabled, and 802.11g.

D.      WPA2, SSID disabled, and 802.11a.


Correct Answer: D






Which of the following wiring distribution types, often found in company closets, is used to connect wiring from individual offices to the main LAN cabling?


A.      MDF

B.      66 block

C.      IDF

D.      Patch panel


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following network access security methods ensures communication occurs over a secured, encrypted channel, even if the data uses the Internet?


A.      MAC filtering

B.      RAS

C.      SSL VPN

D.      L2TP


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following is the difference between 802.11b and 802.11g?


A.      Distance

B.      Frequency

C.      Speed

D.      Transmission power


Correct Answer: C




Users are reporting that some Internet websites are not accessible anymore. Which of the following will allow the network administrator to quickly isolate the remote router that is causing the network communication issue, so that the problem can be reported to the appropriate responsible party?


A.      Ping

B.      Protocol analyzer

C.      Tracert

D.      Dig


Correct Answer: C



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