Latest CompTIA Network+ N10-005 Real Exam Download 251-260



Which of the following uses classless subnet masks across a network?


A.      Subnetting

B.      CIDR

C.      Supernetting

D.      Summarization


Correct Answer: B




Enterprise IP routing policy is MOST clearly depicted in which of the following configuration management documents?


A.      Logical network diagrams

B.      Physical network diagrams

C.      Wiring schematics

D.      Group security role assignments


Correct Answer: A




While preparing to replace an old CAT3 cable with a CAT6 cable to implement VoIP, a facilities employee mistakenly disconnects the entire patch panel, including valid wiring to live workstations. Which of the following should an administrator use in order to connect those ports FIRST?


A.      Toner

B.      Multimeter

C.      Reflectometer

D.      Cable tester


Correct Answer: A



Which of the following methods would be implemented to correct a network slowdown caused by excessive video streaming?


A.      Traffic shaping

B.      Proxy server

C.      VPN concentrator

D.      High availability


Correct Answer: A




While working on a PC, a technician notices in the routing table. Which of the following does this indicate?


A.      It is the default route.

B.      This is the address for the DHCP server.

C.      The PC has not been assigned an IP address.

D.      The firewall is down.


Correct Answer: A




Users inform an administrator that the network is slow. The administrator notices the bulk of the traffic is SIP and RTP traffic. Which of the following could the administrator do to help BEST alleviate the traffic congestion for the users?


A.      Create an ACL on the switches and routers that are dropping SIP and RTP packets.

B.      Create a QoS policy prioritizing users over RTP and SIP traffic.

C.      Create another VLAN for SIP and RTP traffic.

D.      Create a rule to throttle SIP and RTP to 10Kbps or less.


Correct Answer: C




If a NIC does not have a link light, there is a failure at which of the following OSI layers?


A.      Physical

B.      Session

C.      Data link

D.      Presentation

Correct Answer: A




Which of the following is the control when observing network bandwidth patterns over time?


A.      Network log

B.      Baseline

C.      Flow data

D.      Interface statistics


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following technologies is used on cellular networks?


A.      Ethernet

B.      CDMA

C.      CSMA/CA

D.      POTS


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following technologies allows multiple staff members to connect back to a centralized office?


A.      Peer to Peer

B.      VPN

C.      PKI

D.      VLAN


Correct Answer: B



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