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Which of the following is the OSI layer that handles file compression such as LZMA or DEFLATE?


A.      Layer 3

B.      Layer 5

C.      Layer 6

D.      Layer 7


Correct Answer: C




A network administrator is performing a penetration test on the WPA2 wireless network. Which of the following can be used to find the key?


A.      DoS

B.      Buffer overflow

C.      Dictionary file

D.      SQL injection


Correct Answer: C





Which of the following can be used to compromise a WPA encrypted wireless network when the rainbow table does not contain the key?


A.      Evil twin

B.      War chalking

C.      Buffer overflow

D.      Virus


Correct Answer: A




A system administrator is implementing an IDS on the database server to see who is trying to access the server. The administrator relies on the software provider for what to detect. Which of the following would MOST likely be installed?


A.      Behavior based IDS

B.      Network based IDS

C.      Signature based IDS

D.      Honeypot


Correct Answer: C




A vendor releases an emergency patch that fixes an exploit on their network devices. The network administrator needs to quickly identify the scope of the impact to the network. Which of the following should have been implemented?


A.      Change management

B.      Asset management

C.      Network sniffer

D.      System logs


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following can be described as a DoS attack?


A.      Disabling a specific system and making it unavailable to users

B.      Implementing a keylogger

C.      Intercepting a packet and decrypting the contents

D.      Communicating with employees to get company information


Correct Answer: A




A user is connecting to the Internet at an airport through an ad-hoc connection. Which of the following is the MOST likely security threat?


A.      Man-in-the-middle

B.      Social engineering

C.      Phishing

D.      DoS


Correct Answer: A




An application server is placed on the network and the intended application is not working correctly. Which of the following could be used to make sure sessions are being opened properly?


A.      Antivirus scanner

B.      IDS

C.      Packet sniffer

D.      Toner probe


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following provides secure access to a network device?


A.      SNMPv2

B.      FTP

C.      RSH

D.      SSH


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following uses distance vector algorithms to determine the BEST network route to a destination address?


A.      IS-IS

B.      OSPF

C.      BGP

D.      RIP


Correct Answer: D



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