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Which of the following will BEST block a host from accessing the LAN on a network using static IP addresses?


A. IP filtering

B. Port filtering

C. MAC address filtering

D. DHCP lease


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following remote access types requires a certificate for connectivity?


A.      SSH

B.      PPP

C.      HTTPS

D.      WEP


Correct Answer: A




A network administrator is deploying a new wireless network with over 50 thin WAPs and needs to ensure all WAPs use consistent firmware and settings. Which of the following methods provides this functionality?


A.      Use WAP auto-configuration

B.      Use a wireless controller

C.      Use PXE to load and track WAPs

D.      Use DHCP scope options


Correct Answer: B




The APIPA address falls into which of the following class of addresses?


A.      A

B.      B

C.      C

D.      D


Correct Answer: B




An organization finds that most of the outgoing traffic on the network is directed at several Internet sites viewed by multiple computers simultaneously. Which of the following performance optimization methods would BEST alleviate network traffic?


A.      Load balancing internal web servers

B.      Redundant network resources

C.      Implement fault tolerance on the WAN

D.      Implement caching engines


Correct Answer: D




A technician is troubleshooting Internet connectivity for a PC. Which of the following is MOST likely the reason for Internet connectivity issues upon inspecting the routing table?




A.      The router should be listed as

B.      The NIC is set to the wrong subnet mask

C.      The route of last resort is missing

D.      Loopback traffic is weighted higher than NIC interface traffic


Correct Answer: C




Compare the settings below to determine which of the following issues is preventing the user from connecting to a wireless network. Which of the following settings is incorrect on the client?




A.      The mode is incorrect

B.      SSID Mismatch

C.      Incorrect WEP Key

D.      Channel is set incorrectly


Correct Answer: B




A technician replaces a failed router in an office with the same model unit using the default settings. After the installation, the technician reboots all of the PCs and servers. Upon reboot some of the PCs are receiving IP addresses on the same subnet as the new router; other PCs are receiving addresses on the same subnet as the servers. Which of the following most likely describes the issue?


A.      The DHCP lease pool was not large enough

B.      DHCP lease times were set too low

C.      The router is not the only DHCP server

D.      DHCP was not enabled on the replacement router


Correct Answer: C




A technician is troubleshooting authentication issues on a server. It turns out the clock on the server was 72 minutes behind. Setting the clock to the correct time fixed the issue. Given the scenario, which of the following authentication methods was being used?


A.      Kerberos

B.      CHAP

C.      TACACS+

D.      RADIUS


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following wireless standards uses a block encryption cipher rather than a stream cipher?


A.      WPA2-CCMP

B.      WPA

C.      WEP

D.      WPA2-TKIP


Correct Answer: A



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