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A network consultant arrives at a customer’s site to troubleshoot their email server. The server is running a Linux operating system, but the consultant is only familiar with Windows operating systems. Which of the following troubleshooting steps should the consultant take?


A.      Document findings

B.      Identify the problem

C.      Escalate the problem

D.      Establish a plan of action


Correct Answer: C




A network administrator is adding 24 – 802.3af class 2 VoIP phones and needs to purchase a single PoE switch to power the phones. Which of the following is the MINIMUM PoE dedicated wattage the switch supports to power all of the phones at full power?


A.      96W

B.      168W

C.      240W

D.      369.6W


Correct Answer: B




Ann, a client, shares half of a rectangular floor plan with another company and wishes to set up a secure wireless network. The installed antenna limits the signal to her half of the floor. Through analysis, the frequency and channels of surrounding wireless networks have been determined and configuration changes made accordingly. Which of the following would be the NEXT step in setting up this secure wireless network?


A.      Decrease signal strength on the antenna

B.      Change the wireless channel on the WAP

C.      Change the device placement to further obfuscate the signal

D.      Set up encryption on the WAP and clients


Correct Answer: D




A small office client is requesting a network redesign. Both wired and wireless devices must connect to the network. All of the wireless devices can communicate using the latest standards. The building has a long courtyard in the middle with reinforced walls, which extends up through all the floors. The distance from the switch to the furthest drop is 88 meters. Which of the following is the correct network redesign choice?


A.      Fiber optic cabling is necessary due to distance limitations.

B.      The wireless network should be 802.11b due to equipment limitations.

C.      One WAP will be sufficient to provide wireless coverage to the floor.

D.      The wired network should be run with at least CAT6 cabling.


Correct Answer: D





An administrator needs to open ports in the firewall to support both major FTP transfer modes. Which of the following default ports was MOST likely opened? (Select TWO)


A.      20

B.      21

C.      22

D.      23

E.       25

F.       53


Correct Answer: AB




Which of the following allows an administrator to reference performance and configuration information if there is a problem on the network?


A.      Wire schemes

B.      Change management

C.      Network diagrams

D.      System baselines


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following IP address/subnet mask combinations represent a broadcast address? (Select TWO).









Correct Answer: CE




Which of the following networking devices can exist at several layers of the OSI model at the same time? (Select TWO).


A.      Switch

B.      Cable

C.      Repeater

D.      Router

E.       Bridge

F.       Hub


Correct Answer: AD




Which of the following is a path vector routing protocol?


A.      RIP

B.      EIGRP

C.      ISIS

D.      OSPF

E.       BGP


Correct Answer: E




Which of the following routing protocols utilizes the DUAL algorithm for determining best path?


A.      EIGRP

B.      RIPv2

C.      OSPF

D.      RIP


Correct Answer: A



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