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A small business owner is setting up a SOHO office. The business owner needs one device that will allow for Internet access, trunk VLANs, translate multiple private IP addresses into public IP addresses, and filter packets. Which of the following network devices will allow for all functions?


A.      A VPN concentrator

B.      A switch

C.      A router

D.      A firewall


Correct Answer: C






A Linux-based workstation is unable to connect to an IP printer on the same network segment. The printer IP address settings have been verified. How would a network technician verify IP address settings on the Linux-based workstation?


A.      Run the dig command on the workstation.

B.      Run the nslookup command on the workstation.

C.      Run the ipconfig command on the workstation.

D.      Run the ifconfig command on the workstation.


Correct Answer: D




Joe, a remote user, has called the helpdesk with an issue on his machine. The technician would like to remote into the machine for troubleshooting but does not know the IP address or host name. Which of the following commands can the technician ask Joe to execute to gain this information?


A.      netstat

B.      ipconfig

C.      ping

D.      traceroute


Correct Answer: B




A newly hired technician is sent to an alternate site to complete the build out of large scale LAN. Which of the following tools should the technician have on hand to install the bulk CAT6 cable? (Select TWO).


A.      Loopback plug

B.      Multimeter

C.      OTDR

D.      Crimper

E.       Cable tester

F.       TDR


Correct Answer: DE






A user’s workstation is experiencing multiple errors when trying to open programs. Which of the following log files should the technician review to assist in troubleshooting these errors?


A.      History Log

B.      Application Log

C.      System Log

D.      Security Log


Correct Answer: B




802.11n can operate at which of the following frequencies? (Select TWO).


A.      2.4Mhz

B.      2.5Mhz

C.      5Mhz

D.      2.4Ghz

E.       2.5Ghz

F.       5Ghz


Correct Answer: DF




Which of the following connector types are used in terminating singlemode fiber cables? (Select TWO).


A.      LC

B.      F-connector

C.      DB-9

D.      BNC

E.       RJ-11

F.       SC


Correct Answer: AF




Which of the following cable types supports the FURTHEST distance when connecting various MDFs?


A.      Multimode

B.      UTP

C.      Singlemode

D.      CAT6


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following would be used to connect a singlemode fiber cable to a CAT6 connection?


A.      Media converter

B.      T1-crossover

C.      Multimode cable

D.      Coaxial


Correct Answer: A




Users have been stating that they need to logon to too many applications and web apps with different credentials that use different rule sets. Which of the following would BEST address these concerns?


A.      Alter the domain account login policies to reflect the most common application rule sets.

B.      Ensure that the user accounts are properly configured in domain services.

C.      Implement a software solution that facilitates single sign-on authentication.

D.      Increase the time between mandatory password changes by a factor of three.


Correct Answer: C



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