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A network administrator is tasked with deploying a company-wide wireless system which allows for accurate tracking of employees’ wireless device locations via WAP triangulation. Which of the following is the MOST important aspect of the deployment?


A.      WAP placement

B.      TX/RX channel

C.      Signal strength

D.      Transmission power


Correct Answer: A




A network administrator needs to implement a monitoring tool and be able to send log information to a server and receive log information from other clients. Which of the following should be implemented? (Select TWO).


A.      SNMP

B.      Network sniffer

C.      Syslog

D.      System log

E.       History log


Correct Answer: AC



Which of the following network appliances will only detect and not prevent malicious network activity?


A.      IDS

B.      Network sniffer

C.      IPS

D.      Firewall


Correct Answer: A




Ann, a home user, wishes to confine a wireless network to devices ONLY inside of her house. Which of the following will accomplish this?


A.      Decreasing radio strength

B.      MAC filtering

C.      WEP encryption

D.      SSID broadcast disable


Correct Answer: A




A large company has experienced Internet slowdowns as users have increased their use of the Internet. Which of the following can the Network Administrator use to determine the amount of bandwidth used by type of application?


A.      Network maps

B.      Traffic analysis

C.      Syslog

D.      ICMP


Correct Answer: B




An employee connects to a work computer from home via the built-in Windows remote desktop connection. Which of the following is MOST likely being used to establish the connection?


A.      RDP

B.      RTP

C.      RIP

D.      RAS


Correct Answer: A




A user reports intermittent network connectivity. Which of the following should a technician configure on the managed switch to help troubleshoot this issue?


A.      SMTP

B.      SNTP

C.      SNMP

D.      SNAT


Correct Answer: C




Joe, a technician, suspects a virus has infected the network and is using up bandwidth. He needs to quickly determine which workstation is infected with the virus. Which of the following would BEST help Joe?


A.      Web server

B.      Syslog

C.      Network sniffer

D.      SNMP


Correct Answer: C




When troubleshooting a connectivity issue, which of the following commands will give the technician a list of the host names connected to the network?


A.      ping

B.      nbstat

C.      arp

D.      msconfig


Correct Answer: B






Which of the following WAN technologies has the HIGHEST latency?


A.      ADSL

B.      LTE

C.      Satellite

D.      WiMAX


Correct Answer: C



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