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A network technician is concerned that an attacker is attempting to penetrate the network, and wants to set a rule on the firewall to prevent the attacker from learning which IP addresses are valid on the network. Which of the following protocols needs to be denied?


A.      TCP

B.      SMTP

C.      ICMP

D.      ARP


Correct Answer: C




A network technician has configured a new firewall with a rule to deny UDP traffic. Users have reported that they are unable to access Internet websites. The technician verifies this using the IP address of a popular website. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the error?


A.      Implicit deny

B.      HTTP transports over UDP

C.      Website is down

D.      DNS server failure


Correct Answer: A




The ISP needs to terminate the WAN connection. The connection should be located in the network server room where the company LAN equipment resides. Which of the following identifies the location?


A.      Smart jack

B.      MDF

C.      VPN

D.      66 block


Correct Answer: B




A recent flood in the office caused a lot of equipment to be damaged and the manager of the IT department would like a way to prevent such an incident in the future. Which of the following is the BEST way to mitigate such an equipment failure?


A.      Reduce the power input on the replacement servers.

B.      Cover the servers with plastic tarps.

C.      Purchase twice as many servers to create high availability clusters.

D.      Transfer the replacement servers offsite to a data center.


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following describes a single computer that is setup specifically to lure hackers into revealing their methods, and preventing real attacks on the production network?


A.      Evil twin

B.      Honeypot

C.      DMZ

D.      Honeynet


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following is the FASTEST Ethernet technology?


A.      10GBaseSR

B.      10BaseT

C.      100BaseFX

D.      1000BaseT


Correct Answer: A




A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) decided that only a limited number of authorized company workstations will be able to connect to the Internet. Which of the following would BEST accomplish this goal?


A.      Use content filtering

B.      Install and configure IDS

C.      Enable MAC address filtering

D.      Enable RAS on the network firewall


Correct Answer: C




Network upgrades have been completed and the WINS server was shutdown. It was decided that NetBIOS network traffic will no longer be permitted. Which of the following will accomplish this objective?


A.      Content filtering

B.      Port filtering

C.      MAC filtering

D.      IP filtering


Correct Answer: B




Companies trying to cut down on constant documentation of IP addresses could use which of the following?


A. Longer lease times

B. More reservations

C. Larger scopes

D. Dynamic IP addressing


Correct Answer: D




Multiple computers are connected to a hub near a wall plate. In order to get to the computers, students step on and around the cable that connects the teacher’s station, a few feet away, to the same hub. The teacher is experiencing no network connectivity. Which of the following is MOST likely the problem?


A.      Cross-talk

B.      Split cables

C.      Distance

D.      EMI


Correct Answer: B



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