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Refer to the above. Three switches are configured for HSRP. Switch1 remains in the HSRP listen state. What is the most likely cause of this status?




A.       This is normal operation.

B.       The standby group number does not match the VLAN number.

C.       IP addressing is incorrect.

D.      Priority commands are incorrect.

E.       Standby timers are incorrect.


Correct Answer: A




Three Cisco Catalyst switches have been configured with a first-hop redundancy protocol. While reviewing some show commands, debug output, and the syslog, you discover the following information:



What conclusion can you infer from this information?


A.       VRRP is initializing and operating correctly.

B.       HSRP is initializing and operating correctly.

C.       GLBP is initializing and operating correctly.

D.      VRRP is not exchanging three hello messages properly.

E.       HSRP is not exchanging three hello messages properly.

F.        GLBP is not exchanging three hello messages properly.


Correct Answer: E




By itself, what does the command aaa new-model enable?


A.       It globally enables AAA on the switch, with default lists applied to the VTYs.

B.       Nothing; you must also specify which protocol (RADIUS or TACACS) will be used for AAA.

C.       It enables AAA on all dot1x ports.

D.      Nothing; you must also specify where (console, TTY, VTY, dot1x) AAA is being applied.


Correct Answer: A




What are three results of issuing the switchport host command? (Choose three.)


A.        disables EtherChannel

B.        enables port security

C.        disables Cisco Discovery Protocol

D.        enables PortFast

E.         disables trunking

F.         enables loopguard


Correct Answer: ADE




When configuring private VLANs, which configuration task must you do first?


A.       Configure the private VLAN port parameters.

B.       Configure and map the secondary VLAN to the primary VLAN.

C.       Disable IGMP snooping.

D.      Set the VTP mode to transparent.


Correct Answer: D




Which statement about the configuration and application of port access control lists is true?


A.        PACLs can be applied in the inbound or outbound direction of a Layer 2 physical interface.

B.        At Layer 2, a MAC address PACL takes precedence over any existing Layer 3 PACL.

C.        When you apply a port ACL to a trunk port, the ACL filters traffic on all VLANs present on the trunk port.

D.        PACLs are not supported on EtherChannel interfaces.


Correct Answer: C




Refer to the exhibit. Which statement about the command output is true?




A.        If the number of devices attempting to access the port exceeds 11, the port shuts down for 20 minutes, as configured.

B.        The port has security enabled and has shut down due to a security violation.

C.        The port is operational and has reached its configured maximum allowed number of MAC addresses.

D.        The port allows access for 11 MAC addresses in addition to the three configured MAC addresses.


Correct Answer: C




Refer to the exhibit. Which statement best describes first-hop redundancy protocol status?




A.       The first-hop redundancy protocol is not configured for this interface.

B.       HSRP is configured for group 10.

C.       HSRP is configured for group 11.

D.      VRRP is configured for group 10.

E.       VRRP is configured for group 11.

F.        GLBP is configured with a single AVF.


Correct Answer: C




Which statement best describes implementing a Layer 3 EtherChannel?


A.        EtherChannel is a Layer 2 feature and not a Layer 3 feature.

B.        Implementation requires switchport mode trunk and matching parameters between switches.

C.        Implementation requires disabling switchport mode.

D.        A Layer 3 address is assigned to the physical interface.


Correct Answer: C




Which statement about when standard access control lists are applied to an interface to control inbound or outbound traffic is true?


A.       The best match of the ACL entries is used for granularity of control.

B.       They use source IP information for matching operations.

C.       They use source and destination IP information for matching operations.

D.       They use source IP information along with protocol-type information for finer granularity of control.


Correct Answer: B



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