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The ability to stack switches using cisco stackwise technology provides a number of important benefits to the customer, which of these is a benefit of cisco stackwise?


A.        Allows cisco smart switches to be incorporated into the stack.

B.        Allows multiple switches to be managed as a single device.

C.        Enables switches in multiple wring closets to provide failover for each other.

D.        Eliminates the need to purchase smartnet on individual switches in the stack.


Correct Answer: B




Which cisco collaboration service will encourage true customer intimacy by quickly and proactively connecting people with the information, expertise and support that they need?


A.      telepresence

B.      messaging

C.      conferencing

D.      customer care

E.       ip communications


Correct Answer: D




The cisco telepresence portfolio provides industry-leading video-conferencing solutions. How does the Cisco acquisition of tandberg strengthen its position?


A.      it will give cisco products A strategic advantage by providing privileged access to the TIP.

B.      it enables cisco to eliminate product redundancies and improve margins.

C.      it provides cisco with its first high-end telepresence offering.

D.      it allows cisco to quickly broaden its product portfolio to better serve customer needs.


Correct Answer: D




The cisco ironport portfolio performs which service?


A.      reduces the downtime that is as associated with spam, viruses, and blended threats that are delivered via email

B.      defends the perimeter from malicious users and unauthorized traffic

C.      provides a secure communication path through the internet

D.      determines if a user or device is authorized to access a switch port


Correct Answer: A




Why is the Cisco Integrated Services Router product line a good choice for customers?


A.      it is a point product solution that addresses a single need

B.      it provides customers with an opportunity to increase the number of devices in their network

C.      it simplifies purchasing because there is only one model to choose.

D.      it integrates multiple services into a single platform and reduces operating costs.


Correct Answer: D




Which WLAN device is often used to make wireless connections between buildings or campuses?

A.      router

B.      bridge

C.      access point

D.      client adapter


Correct Answer: B




Which three are Cisco architectures? (Choose three)


A.      cloud computing

B.      consumerization

C.      collaboration

D.      virtualization

E.       digital media

F.       borderless networks


Correct Answer: CDF




Which four are components of the Cisco collaboration Architecture strategy? (Choose four.)


A.      interoperability

B.      cloud computing

C.      intercompany communications

D.      dedicated networking

E.       video

F.       enterprise social networking

G.      covergence protocols


Correct Answer: ACEF




What are three benefit that the Smart Business Architecture provides to customers? (Choose three.)


A.      enables efficient customer service effectiveness

B.      creates a more informed management.

C.      automatically matches customer needs to solutions

D.      provides an empowered frontline workforce

E.       generates customer-specific configurations

F.       provides an ROI analysis for decision-makers


Correct Answer: ADE




If a customers needed to load-balance across multiple data center. Which Cisco product would the customer consider?


A.      ISR Wide Area Acceleration Server

B.      Nexus Site Balancer

C.      ACE Global Site Selector

D.      ASR Virtual Balanced Network

E.       Site Balancer


Correct Answer: C


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