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A TFTP server is configured with the IP address Which command should you enter in the DHCP pool configuration mode to configure a client to use the defined TFTP server?


A.      option 150

B.      tftp-server ip

C.      tftp-server

D.      option 150 ip


Answer: D




The file “apps31.9-1-1TH1-16.sbn” is located in the flash memory of the device. Which command should you enter on a Cisco IOS device to serve this file correctly using Trivial File Transfer Protocol?


A.      tftp-server flash:apps31.9-1-1TH1-16.sbn

B.      tftp-server apps31.9-1-1TH1-16.sbn

C.      copy tftp flash:apps31.9-1-1TH1-16.sbn

D.      tftp server:apps31.9-1-1TH1-16.sbn


Answer: A




Which type of ephone-dn can be used to support one virtual voice port with support for two channels?


A.      single-line

B.      dual-line

C.      dual-channel

D.      dual-voice-channel


Answer: B




Which type of Session Initiation Protocol directory number supports the assignment of up to 10 telephone numbers and up to two active calls?


A.      multiple-number directory number (using single-line ephone-dns)

B.      dec-line

C.      multiple-number directory number (using dual-line ephone-dns)

D.      sip-ten-line


Answer: C




Which command should you use to configure a Skinny Call Control Protocol directory number with an extension of 1003 and secondary number 9195551003?


A.      number 1003 secondary 9195551003

B.      number 1003 9195551003

C.      extension 1003 9195551003

D.      extension 1003 secondary 9195551003


Answer: A




Which Cisco Unified Communications Manager component acts as a voice switch between multiple telephony circuits and can provide signaling and media conversion?


A.      gatekeeper

B.      gateway

C.      media exchanger

D.      PBX


Answer: B




Which type of analog voice port would be used on a telephony device to connect to a telephone or fax machine?


A.      T1

B.      ear and mouth

C.      Foreign Exchange Office

D.      Foreign Exchange Station


Answer: D




A call is received on a voice gateway from a Session Initiation Protocol-based Internet source. The call is destined for a telephone that is connected directly to the gateway. Which type of dial-peer is considered outgoing?


A.      plain old telephone service

B.      Foreign Exchange Station

C.      Foreign Exchange Office

D.      VoIP


Answer: A




Which codec is considered to have high complexity that limits the number of active voice channels on a gateway?


A.      G.729AB

B.      G.729

C.      G.726

D.      G.722


Answer: B




Which command should you use to configure an analog ear and mouth voice port to use the most popular type outside of North America?


A.      Type II

B.      Type I

C.      Type V

D.      Type IV


Answer: C





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