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Which type of North American Numbering Plan number code is used to designate a number for special purposes?


A.      easily recognizable codes

B.      carrier identification codes

C.      service codes

D.      Automatic Number Identification II digits


Answer: A




What is the maximum number of digits that can be assigned to a European Subscriber Number using the European Telephony Numbering Space?


A.      7

B.      15

C.      10

D.      17


Answer: B




Which digit manipulation feature allows a partial telephone number to be prepended with a specific set of digits and is applied to all calls?


A.      digit prefixes

B.      forward digits

C.      digit extension

D.      number expansion


Answer: D




Which path-selection strategy can be used to avoid expensive public switched telephone network calls when an existing network (IP) link exists between sites?


A.      toll-bypass

B.      explicit preference

C.      site-code dialing

D.      Tail-End Hop-Off


Answer: A




When you implement the tail-end hop-off path-selection strategy, which task should you complete first?


A.      Define the VoIP inbound digit manipulation.

B.      Define the VoIP outbound digit manipulation.

C.      Define the outbound VoIP dial peer.

D.      Define the inbound VoIP dial peer.


Answer: B




When a Session Initiation Protocol user agent client initiates a call to another user agent server, what is the first message type that is sent to the Cisco SIP Proxy Server?


A.      invite

B.      trying

C.      initiate

D.      setup


Answer: A




Which Session Initiation Protocol server role is given to the component that implements a mechanism to resolve addresses?


A.      location server

B.      naming server

C.      Session Initiation Protocol proxy

D.      Session Initiation Protocol router


Answer: A




Which address type would Session Initiation Protocol address classify as?


A.      E.164

B.      mixed format

C.      username at a fully qualified domain name

D.      email


Answer: C




Which networking feature typically is used on an IP phone that is also connected to a local computer to maintain separation between the voice and data traffic?


A.      virtual LAN

B.      class of service

C.      quality of service

D.      port security


Answer: A




Which version of Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express is recommended that is supported on endpoints running Cisco IOS 15.0(1)M?


A.      8

B.      7

C.      7.1

D.      8.5


Answer: C



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