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In a Cisco CatOS switch, what is the recommended practice when configuring switch-to-switch intercommunications to carry multiple VLANs for Dynamic Trunk Protocol?


A.      auto to auto_negotiate

B.      disable Dynamic Trunk Protocol when operating in the distribution layer

C.      auto to auto_no_negotiate

D.      desirable to desirable_no_negotiate

E.       on to on_negotiate

F.       desirable to desirable_negotiate

Correct Answer: E




What are the two most likely driving forces motivating businesses to integrate voice and data into converged networks? (Choose two.)


A.      Voice networks cannot carry data unless the PRI circuits aggregate the BRI circuits.

B.      Their PSTNs cannot deploy features quickly enough.

C.      Data, voice, and video cannot converge on their current PSTN structures.

D.      Voice has become the primary traffic on networks.

E.       WAN costs can be reduced by migrating to converged networks.


Correct Answer: CE




A lightweight access point is added to a working network. Which sequence will it use to associate itself with a wireless LAN controller?


A.      primary, secondary, tertiary, greatest AP capacity, master

B.      primary, secondary, tertiary, master, greatest AP capacity

C.      master, primary, secondary, tertiary, greatest AP capacity

D.      greatest AP capacity, primary, secondary, tertiary, master


Correct Answer: B




Which three mechanisms are required to deploy QoS on an IP WAN? (Choose three.)


A.      queuing and scheduling

B.      Call Admission Control

C.      traffic shaping

D.      link efficiency techniques

E.       traffic classification

F.       bandwidth provisioning


Correct Answer: CDE






Which two statements best describe the implementation of Overlay VPN connectivity for remote access in the Enterprise Edge WAN module? (Choose two.)


A.      Bandwidth is provisioned on a site-to-site basis.

B.      It uses dedicated point-to-point links.

C.      Optimum routing between customer sites requires a full mesh of virtual circuits.

D.      It must use Layer 2 labels to forward packets.

E.       The ISP actively participates in customer routing.


Correct Answer: AC




A manufacturing company has decided to add a website to enhance sales. The web servers in the E- Commerce module must be accessible without compromising network security. Which two design recommendations can be made to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)


A.      Move the E-Commerce servers to the WAN module.

B.      Use intrusion detection on the E-Commerce server farm.

C.      Limit the number of incoming connections to the E-Commerce module.

D.      Use private and public key encryption.

E.       Place E-Commerce servers and application servers on isolated LANs (DMZs).


Correct Answer: BE




After a period of rapid growth, FloCzar Boats is seeking better network management tools. Managers have developed this needs list:


Ÿ   Move from static to dynamic device information.

Ÿ   Gain information to assist in long-term trend analysis.

Ÿ   Concentrate on Layer 4 monitoring.


Which management protocol will most help FloCzar achieve its goals?


A.      RMON2

B.      SNMP

C.      NetFlow

D.      RMON

E.       Cisco Discovery Protocol


Correct Answer: A




At which stage in the PPDIOO process would you analyze a customer’s network in order to discover opportunities for network improvement?




A.      Operate

B.      Implement

C.      Plan

D.      Design

E.       Prepare

F.       Design Assessment


Correct Answer: D




A very large organization has received its IPv6 address range from its Internet Service Provider and intends to use only IPv6 addresses internally. Employees will access the Internet using port address translation. What is a requirement for their DNS servers?


A.      There are no changes required to their DNS servers.

B.      Their DNS servers need to support only IPv6 addresses.

C.      Their DNS servers need to support only IPv4 addresses.

D.      They need additional DNS servers in their network just for IPv6 addresses.

E.       They no longer need DNS servers.

F.       Their DNS servers need to support both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.


Correct Answer: F




Which two statements represent advantages that the top-down network design process has over the bottom-up network design process? (Choose two.)


A.      utilizes previous experience

B.      identifies appropriate technologies first

C.      is able to provide the big picture

D.      takes less time to design a network

E.       provides a design for current and future development


Correct Answer: CE


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