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You are tasked with designing a new branch office that will support 75 users with possible expansion in the future and will need a highly available network. Which of the branch design profiles should be implemented?


A.      large branch design

B.      medium branch design

C.      teleworker design

D.      small branch design


Correct Answer: B




Which three solutions are part of the Borderless Network Services? (Choose three.)


A.      Wireless

B.      Routing

C.      TrustSec

D.      MediaNet

E.       Switching

F.       EnergyWise

G.      Next-Gen WAN


Correct Answer: CDF




Which model of ISR is utilized for the teleworker design profile?


A.      Cisco 1900 Series

B.      Cisco 1800 Series

C.      Cisco 800 Series

D.      Cisco 500 Series


Correct Answer: C




Which Cisco technology using Nexus NX-OS infrastructure allows the network architect to create up to four separate control and data plane instances of the Nexus chassis?


A.      virtual port-channel

B.      virtual routing and forwarding

C.      virtual switching system

D.      virtual device context


Correct Answer: D




Which two can be used as a branch office WAN solution? (Choose two.)


A.      frame relay

B.      MPLS

C.      Metro Ethernet

D.      GPRS

E.       dial-up modem

F.       3G USB modems


Correct Answer: BC




High availability is a key design consideration in the enterprise campus network. In a fully redundant topology, which is likely to provide faster IGP convergence during a failure?


A.      redundant supervisors

B.      redundant supervisors with Cisco Nonstop Forwarding (NSF) and Stateful Switchover (SSO)

C.      single supervisors with tuned IGP timers

D.      single supervisors


Correct Answer: C




When designing for a remote worker, which two are typical requirements? (Choose two.)


A.      best-effort interactive and low-volume traffic patterns

B.      connections to the enterprise edge using Layer 2 WAN technologies

C.      always-on connection with SLA from ISP

D.      voice and IPsec VPN support

E.       high-end security devices with stateful firewall filtering

F.       dual or multihoming to ISPs


Correct Answer: CD




Which three options are valid Cisco STP tools used to ensure best-practice access layer design for the enterprise campus? (Choose three.)


A.      Portfast

B.      UDLD

C.      Root Guard

D.      BPDU Guard

E.       Flex Links

F.       SPAN

G.      EtherChannel


Correct Answer: ACD




When designing a WAN backup for voice and video applications, what three types of connections should be used? (Choose three.)


A.      Private WAN

B.      internet

C.      ISDN

D.      MPLS

E.       dial-up

F.       ATM

G.      DSL


Correct Answer: ACD




Spanning Layer 2 across geographically separate data centers is a key consideration for current data center designs. Which is the name of the NX-OS technology that facilitates MAC in IP transport for Layer 2 VLANs across any IP network?


A.      Overlay Transport Virtualization

B.      Virtual Private LAN Services

C.      Generic Routing Encapsulation

D.      QinQ tunneling


Correct Answer: A

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