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Which H.323 protocol is responsible for the exchanging of capabilities and the opening and closing of logical channels?


A.      H.225

B.      H.245

C.      RAS

D.      RTCP


Correct Answer: B




In telephony, the local loop is the physical link or circuit. Where is the local loop located?


A.      Between the loopback interfaces of two VoIP routers

B.      Between phones and the central office (CO) switch

C.      Between two PBXs

D.      Between two PSTN switches


Correct Answer: B




Characterizing an existing network requires gathering as much information about the network as possible. Which of these choices describes the preferred order for the information-gathering process?


A.      site and network audits, traffic analysis, existing documentation and organizational input

B.      existing documentation and organizational input, site and network audits, traffic analysis

C.      traffic analysis, existing documentation and organizational input, site and network audits

D.      site and network audits, existing documentation and organizational input, traffic analysis


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following is a component within the Cisco Enterprise Campus module?


A.      Teleworker

B.      E-Commerce

C.      Internet Connectivity

D.      Building Distribution

E.       WAN/MAN Site-to-Site VPN


Correct Answer: D




The evolution of the Data Center is best represented by the 3.0 architecture component of virtualization. Which of the following is not an example of the virtualization taking place in the Data Center?


A.      Virtualized media access utilizing Fibre Channel over Ethernet

B.      VLANs and virtual storage area networks (VSANs) provide for virtualized LAN and SAN connectivity, separating physical networks and equipment into virtual entities

C.      Virtual Machines that run an application within the client operating system, which is further virtualized and running on common hardware

D.      Storage devices virtualized into storage pools, and network devices are virtualized using device contexts


Correct Answer: A




Which three types of WAN topologies can be deployed in the Service Provider Module? (Choose three.)


A.      ring

B.      star

C.      full mesh

D.      core/edge

E.       collapsed core

F.       partial mesh


Correct Answer: BCF




You need to connect to a remote branch office via an Internet connection. The remote office does not use Cisco equipment. This connection must be secure and must support OSPF. Which of the following can be used to transport data to the branch office?


A.      GRE over IPsec

B.      IPsec

C.      GRE

D.      IPsec VTI


Correct Answer: A




When designing an EIGRP network, which two things should you take into consideration? (Choose two.)


A.      ASN and K values must match

B.      The neighbor command can be used to enable unicast communication.

C.      The neighbor diameter cannot exceed a 15-hops limit.

D.      NSSA areas can be used to redistribute external routes.

E.       Neighbor relationship can be established with non-Cisco routers.


Correct Answer: AB




Refer to the exhibit. Which three modules would typically utilize public IPv4 addressing? (Choose three.)




A.      Access

B.      Distribution

C.      Core

D.      Data Center

E.       E-Commerce

F.       Internet Connectivity

G.      Remote Access/VPN

H.      WAN/MAN

I.        Branch

J.        Branch Data Center


Correct Answer: EFG




Identify the three items that pertain to EIGRP. (Choose three.)


A.      Can use multiple unequal paths

B.      Routes are redistributed as type 2 by default.

C.      ASN and K values must match to form neighbors.

D.      Uses multicast address for updates.

E.       Exchanges full routing table every 30 seconds.

F.       Summary routes have AD of 90.

G.      External routes have AD of 170.


Correct Answer: ACG


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