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Which of the following is a modular component within the Cisco Enterprise Campus module in the Cisco Enterprise Architecture framework?


A.      Teleworker

B.      E-Commerce

C.      Internet Connectivity

D.      Building Distribution

E.       WAN/MAN Site-to-Site VPN


Correct Answer: D




A company is implementing an Identity Management solution with these characteristics:


Ÿ   existing Cisco ACS 4.0

Ÿ   Cisco Catalyst switches

Ÿ   minimal added investments


Which Cisco Trust and Identity solution would you recommend?


A.      NAC Appliance (Cisco Clean Access)

B.      Cisco IBNS

C.      NAC Framework

D.      Cisco Security Agent

E.       CSM

F.       Cisco Security MARS


Correct Answer: B




Which two design methodology steps relate, at least in part, to the implement phase of the PPDIOO process? (Choose two.)


A.      verifying the network

B.      testing design

C.      determining customer requirements

D.      characterizing the existing network

E.       establishing the organizational requirements


Correct Answer: AB


Which H.323 protocol monitors calls for factors such as packet counts, packet loss, and arrival jitter?


A.      H.225

B.      H.245

C.      RAS

D.      RTCP


Correct Answer: D




Refer to the exhibit. Which element or elements of the existing network infrastructure does this network map emphasize?




A.      network services

B.      network protocols

C.      the OSI data link layer

D.      network applications


Correct Answer: D




The BodMech online fitness organization specializes in creating fitness plans for senior citizens. The company recently added a health-products retail inventory. Which E-Commerce module device will allow customers to interact with the company and purchase products?


A.      application server

B.      database server

C.      public server

D.      web server

E.       NIDS appliance

F.       SMTP mail server


Correct Answer: D




Which two of the following are benefits of using a modular approach to network design? (Choose two.)


A.      improves flexibility

B.      facilitates implementation

C.      lowers implementation costs

D.      improves customer participation in the design process


Correct Answer: AB




Which statement describes the recommended deployment of DNS and DHCP servers in the Cisco Enterprise Architecture Model?


A.      Place the DHCP and DNS servers in the Enterprise Campus Access layer and Enterprise branch.

B.      Place the DHCP and DNS servers in the Enterprise Campus Server Farm layer and Enterprise branch.

C.      Place the DHCP server in the Enterprise Campus Core layer and Remote Access/VPN module with the DNS server in the Internet Connectivity module.

D.      Place the DHCP server in the Enterprise Campus Distribution layer with the DNS server in the Internet Connectivity module.


Correct Answer: B




Which two routing protocols usually converge most quickly? (Choose two.)


A.      RIPv1

B.      RIPv2

C.      BGP

D.      IGRP

E.       EIGRP

F.       OSPF


Correct Answer: EF




Which two wireless attributes should be considered during a wireless site survey procedure? (Choose two.)


A.      encryption

B.      channel

C.      authentication

D.      power

E.       SSID


Correct Answer: BD


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