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Which answer is correct about routing metrics?


A.      If the metric is cost, the path with the highest cost is selected.

B.      If the metric is bandwidth, the path with the highest bandwidth is selected.

C.      If the metric is bandwidth, the path with the lowest bandwidth is selected.

D.      If the metric is bandwidth, the highest sum of the bandwidth is used to calculate the highest.


Correct Answer: B




Where do you put DNS and DHCP on Enterprise model? (Choose two.)


A.      Enterprise campus Server Farm Module

B.      Enterprise edge

C.      SP Edge Premise

D.      Enterprise Branch


Correct Answer: AD




Which two of these are functions of an access point in a Split MAC Network Architecture? (Choose two.)


A.      EAP Authentication

B.      MAC layer encryption or decryption

C.      802.1Q encapsulation

D.      Process probe response


Correct Answer: BD




Data link switching is typically used in which Enterprise Campus Module layer?


A.      Server Farm

B.      Campus Core

C.      Building Access

D.      Building Distribution

E.       Internet Connectivity


Correct Answer: C




Which three of these are components of the North American Numbering Plan? (Choose three.)


A.      Numbering Plan Area

B.      country code

C.      prefix

D.      zone

E.       line number

F.       trunk channel


Correct Answer: ACE




Which network management protocol allows a network device to have vendor-specific objects for management?


A.      SNMP v1

B.      SNMP v2

C.      SNMP v3

D.      MIB

E.       RMON1

F.       RMON2


Correct Answer: A




Which two solutions are parts of the Cisco Security Management Suite? (Choose two.)


A.      ASA

B.      Cisco Security Agent

C.      NAC Appliance

D.      CSM

E.       PIX

F.       Cisco Security MARS


Correct Answer: DF




When monitoring voice traffic on a converged network, which are the three most important QoS characteristics to pay attention to? (Choose three.)


A.      delay

B.      jitter

C.      packet loss

D.      bit error rate

E.       CRTP hop configuration


Correct Answer: ABC




An internal network has servers with private IPv4 addresses that must be visible from the public network. Which kind of address translation should be used to ensure this?


A.      many-to-one translation (PAT)

B.      many-to-one translation (Dynamic NAT)

C.      one-to-one translation (Static NAT)

D.      one-to-one translation (NAT Traversal)


Correct Answer: C




Which two of these are the most accurate characteristics of EIGRP deployment? (Choose two.)


A.      Provides features for most Ethernet, Frame Relay, and dial-up network deployment types.

B.      Provides routing for IPv4, IPv6, AppleTalk, and IPX.

C.      Provides default hierarchical routing and summarization of a VLSM IP address deployment.

D.      Provides quick convergence through neighbor relationships and topology backup routes.

E.       Provides the best route selection on combined default metrics of active bandwidth, delay, load, reliability, and MTU parameters.


Correct Answer: BD



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