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What is important for the top-down design concept?


A.      Engagement of the HR representatives during the design process

B.      Engagement of the top executives during the design process

C.      Engagement of the employees working on the top floors in the building during the design process

D.      Engagement of the top executives once the design process is finalized


Correct Answer: B




Which one of the following QoS mechanisms is recommended for VoIP networks?


A.      Low-latency queuing (LLQ)

B.      Switched-based queuing

C.      Fast queuing

D.      Custom queuing


Correct Answer: A




In which layer of the OSI model does Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) operate?


A.      Network

B.      Application

C.      Transport

D.      Session


Correct Answer: C




Developing a network design according to layers such as core and distribution is an example of which type of design methodology?


A.      Flat design

B.      Top-down

C.      Hierarchical structured design

D.      PDIOO


Correct Answer: C




Which parameters does the computation of the EIGRP composite metric use by default?


A.      Bandwidth and reliability

B.      Bandwidth and load

C.      Bandwidth and maximum transmission unit (MTU)

D.      Bandwidth and delay


Correct Answer: D




Which statement is true about WANs?


A.      Switches or concentrators often relay information through the WAN.

B.      WANs typically encompass broad geographic areas.

C.      In general, WAN technologies function at the middle three layers of the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model.

D.      Users of WANs do not typically own all transmission facilities.


Correct Answer: B




Which item is not a true disadvantage of the full-mesh topology?


A.      Central hub router represents a single point of failure in the network.

B.      High level of complexity to implement.

C.      Large number of packet replications required.

D.      High costs due to number of virtual circuits.


Correct Answer: A




Which IPv4 field are the precedence bits located in?


A.      IP destination address

B.      Type-of-Service field

C.      IP options field

D.      IP protocol field


Correct Answer: B




Which hierarchical layer has functions such as High availability, port security, and rate limiting?


A.      Core

B.      Access

C.      Network

D.      Distribution


Correct Answer: B




With which of the following capabilities does RIPv2 improve RIPv1?


A.      Multicast updates, authentication, variable-length subnet mask (VLSM)

B.      Authentication, VLSM, hop count

C.      Multicast updates, authentication, hop count

D.      Multicast updates, hop count


Correct Answer: A



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