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Which of the following statement is true regarding the PMM-Connected state?


A.      Paging is needed in order to reach the mobile station, such as for signaling.

B.      The mobile station performs the routing area update procedure when RAI in the mobility management system information changes.

C.      There is no communication between the mobile station and the 3G SGSN.

D.      The mobile station performs a routing area update if the routing area changes.


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following statement is true regarding the Cisco ASR 5000 bootup process?


A.      The final tasks that are created on a PSC are not related to the contents of the configuration file.

B.      The boot procedure can be started in three ways.

C.      The network interface configuration is used to identity how the system should start.

D.      The default state of both RCCs is active.


Correct Answer: D




What would initiate the Cisco ASR 5000 bootup process?


A.      Slots 8 and 9 receive power.

B.      SMC begins the boot process.

C.      Power is cycled to the Cisco ASR 5000.

D.      SMCs and SPIOs perform POST.


Correct Answer: C




Which context provides CU user access via SPIO interfaces?


A.      Accounting context.

B.      AAA context.

C.      Source context.

D.      Management context.


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following is a step of Gb over SDH configuration?


A.      Configure the network-service-entity per NSE.

B.      Configure the E1s and the time slots on the SRM-1 card.

C.      Define the NSE and the corresponding LAC and RAC in the GPRS service.

D.      Configure the DLCI and bind it to the E1s.


Correct Answer: D




How do you configure the system to store CDRs on the local GTPP Storage Server?


A.      Execute the gtpp storage-server local file command.

B.      Execute the storage-server mode command.

C.      Execute the gtpp storage-server mode command.

D.      Execute the storage-server mode local command.


Correct Answer: C







Which two statements are true regarding routing area update and SGSN Serving RNS relocation procedures? (Choose two)


A.      Routing area update takes precedence over the SGSN Serving RNS relocation procedure.

B.      Routing area update is not conditional after the SGSN Serving RNS relocation.

C.      Both routing area update and SGSN Serving RNS relocation happen only when the user equipment is in the PMM-Connected state and when the POP context is active.

D.      5G5N does not support periodic, intra-SGSN, and inter-SGSN routing area updates.

E.       Routing area update is conditional after the SGSN Serving RNS relocation procedure.

F.       Both routing area update and SGSN Serving RNS relocation are UMTS procedures.


Correct Answer: CE




Which of the following statements is true regarding loopback interfaces?


A.      They associate a service to an IP address that is assigned to a logical interface.

B.      They create a relationship between certain elements of the system.

C.      They associate a specific logical interface (configured within a particular context) to a physical port.

D.      They are not associated with any physical port.


Correct Answer: D




Which two of the following are information items that the show task resource command displays? (Choose two.)


A.      maximum number of active sessions

B.      each task that is running

C.      allocated and used CPU time

D.      license limit

E.       number of standby session manager

F.       number of session managers on the system


Correct Answer: BC




How many session managers (and accompanying aaamgrs) can be created per PSC?


A.      up to 5

B.      up to 20

C.      up to 8

D.      up to 10


Correct Answer: D


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