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Which of the following statement is true regarding trace logging?


A.      Trace logging cannot affect performance.

B.      The output from trace logging is displayed in the CLI session where the trace was started.

C.      It can be used to view logging information about a call that is being established or is about to be established.

D.      Trace can be started from a particular session, based on call identification.


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following statements is true regarding runtime logging 7?


A.      Event logs are stored on a flash card.

B.      To see a list of facilities that can contribute to the event log, as well as the severity level to which they are set, you can use the command show logs.

C.      The buffer that is used for event log storage can store up to 10,000 events.

D.      Event logs are stored in a memory buffer on the active management module.


Correct Answer: D




How is the collection process started?


A.      By executing the command bulkstats collection.

B.      By executing the command collection.

C.      By executing the command no bulkstats collection.

D.      By executing the command bulkstats.


Correct Answer: A




Which controller task is used to facilitate IP routing across and within contexts?


A.      VPN Controller

B.      Driver Controller

C.      Session Controller

D.      Resource Manager Controller


Correct Answer: C




When viewing the port-level status detail, what does the Operational State field indicate?


A.      The link status.

B.      Whether the card has been configured for use via software.

C.      The description that was given to the port during software configuration.

D.      Displays 3n Active, Standby, or Offline mode.


Correct Answer: D




When viewing port-level counters, what does the TX PAUSE field indicate?


A.      The number of correct transmitted flow control frames.

B.      The number of correct received flow control frames.

C.      The number of frames that were transmitted with an error due to transmit FIFO underflow or TXERR signal assertion.

D.      The number of received frames during which physical (PHY) symbol errors were detected.


Correct Answer: A




When troubleshooting the SGSN interaction with BSC and RNC, what does the show sccp-network 1 status all command do?


A.      It provides a count of in-progress calls and their duration.

B.      It lists ranges of time in 100-ms increments and 1 -second increments.

C.      It displays if the subsystem on the DPC that you suspect is problematic shows as available.

D.      It displays a list of all RNCs that have communicated with the SGSN.


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following statement is true regarding threshold crossing alarms?


A.      When the threshold value is crossed, you will see all outstanding alarms.

B.      By default, the system is configured to use the TCA alarm model.

C.      By default, the system is configured to use the alert model.

D.      When a TCA alarm model is issued, you will not see any outstanding alarms on the system.


Correct Answer: A




What is the function of GTT associations?


A.      routes particular IMSIs

B.      displays "out addresses"

C.      defines rules for identifying the global title address map to use for determining the HLR point code

D.      associates an IMSI prefix with a global title

Correct Answer: C




What type of Cisco ASR 5000 service is needed for communication between a Cisco MME and a serving gateway?


A.      eGTP

B.      SGW

C.      GTPU

D.      PGW


Correct Answer: A


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