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What is the show radius authentication servers detail command used for?


A.      To obtain some statistics about RADIUS operation.

B.      To get multiple counters that are related to the MAP operations of the SGSN.

C.      To obtain a summary of the RADIUS server or servers status.

D.      To view mobility statistics for the SGSN.


Correct Answer: C




What is the subsystem task that is responsible for performing a centralized IMSI lookup?


A.      MME Manager

B.      Session Managers

C.      IMSI Manager

D.      MME Demux Manager


Correct Answer: A




When displaying SGSN statistics, what does the IMSI field indicate?


A.      Total number of activated PDP contexts through direct tunnel.

B.      Statistics for attached visiting national subscribers.

C.      Total number of international mobile subscriber identities attached, including 2G and 3G.

D.      Indicates the statistics of total number attached through international mobile subscriber identity.


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following statements is true regarding PDP context deletion?


A.      Context Response messages are sent to the Cisco GGSN.

B.      The SGSN returns a Deactivate PDP Context Accept message to the mobile station.

C.      The Cisco GGSN sends a Delete PDP Context Request message to the SGSN to facilitate the data session.

D.      The SGSN removes the PDP context from memory and returns a Delete PDP message.


Correct Answer: B




When executing the traceroute command, what is the variable size used for?


A.      To identify the remote node to trace the route by the IP address.

B.      To specify the maximum time to live for the route tracing packets.

C.      To identify the remote node to trace the route by the size.

D.      To specify the number of bytes each packet has been sent.


Correct Answer: B




What does the show resource session command display?


A.      Used session count.

B.      Central processing unit resource information.

C.      Number of session managers on the system.

D.      General status of the device.


Correct Answer: A




What is guaranteed number of CLI sessions that are hosted by the Cisco ASR 5000?


A.      5

B.      15

C.      10

D.      7


Correct Answer: B




When viewing alarms on the Web Element Manager, what does the Historical Alarm View variable do?


A.      Shows the historic state of the chassis audible alarm and the Central Office alarm outputs.

B.      Lists all alarms that were received from a particular chassis.

C.      Allows you to browse the alarm database on the Web Element Manager.

D.      Shows old alarm statistics for a particular chassis.


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following is true regarding the System Audible Alarm?


A.      Located on the SPIO.

B.      Is not a physical alarm mechanism.

C.      Provides a 10-pin connector.

D.      Located on the SMC.


Correct Answer: D




Which two statements are true about a context? (Choose two)


A.      A context can be thought of as a virtual router with interfaces in it.

B.      There are connections between contexts.

C.      A context, by itself, can be visualized as a virtual router without any connections to the external network.

D.      Each context supports up to 1024 interfaces, which allows the binding of up to 1024 VLANs in a single context.

E.       The system supports the configuration of single contexts only.

F.       A maximum of 256 contexts can be configured per chassis.


Correct Answer: AB


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