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Which two statements best describe the wireless core feature set using autonomous access points when implementing Wireless Domain Services? (Choose two)


A.       The primary Layer 2 WDS server address is configured via the infrastructure access point GUI.

B.       The primary Layer 2 WDS server address is automatically discovered by the infrastructure access points through multicast.

C.       The primary Layer 2 WDS is selected by the highest MAC address, followed by priority number.

D.       The primary Layer 2 WDS is selected by the highest priority number, followed by MAC address.

E.        The primary Layer 2 WDS is selected by the highest IP address, followed by MAC address.


Correct Answer: BD




Which companion switch is recommended to be installed with Cisco Smart Business Communications System?


A.       C2950

B.       C3750

C.       ESW 500

D.       SRW224G4


Correct Answer: C




In which of these phase is a customer’s current network infrastructure assessed?


A.       plan

B.       design

C.       implement

D.       prepare


Correct Answer: A




What are two ways to secure traffic across a network? (Choose two)


A.       Cisco ISR G2

B.       Identify-management devices

C.       ACLs

D.       Firewalls

E.        VPN connection

F.        VLANs


Correct Answer: DE




You have just configured HSRP and need to determine which router is active. Which command should you enter?


A.       Show ip hsrp active

B.       Show standby active

C.       Show standby

D.       Show active


Correct Answer: C




What do radio-wave radiation patterns allow you to determine when you are implementing wireless networks?


A.       Size of the coverage area

B.       Which antenna is being used

C.       Temperature of the coverage area

D.       Shape of the coverage area


Correct Answer: D




Which command displays the routing information that will be used to move data between VLANs on a router on a disk?


A.       Router# show ip protocols

B.       Router# show ip route

C.       Router# show vlan[vlan_ID]

D.       Router# show vlan route


Correct Answer: B




What were two primary design purposes for ISRs? (Choose two)


A.       To provide a centralized threat database for IPS sensors.

B.       To bring IP technology, voice mail, email, and firewall services to the end user.

C.       To implement and to integrate fully network services such as security, WAN routing, and Ethernet switching.

D.       To offer Fast Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet as a high-speed routing platform.

E.        To be a next-generation, high-performance routing platform.

F.        To provide all security-management functions in one high-performance device.


Correct Answer: BC




What are two areas in which PoE can be applied? (Choose two)


A.       building management

B.       data center management

C.       retail video kiosks

D.       digital telephony

E.        virtual networks


Correct Answer: AC




Which identify credential is used most commonly to secure network data?


A.       VPN

B.       PIN

C.       ID card

D.       Password


Correct Answer: B


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